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May 21, 2010

Captain America is what?

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     OK, if you haven’t gotten it by now, I am kinda a comic book geek. But I’m a secret one. No one except my blog readers know I’m a comic book geek. But a few weeks ago, I read in an article about a new game coming outlooks awesome by the way) called Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The fate of two worlds. At the end of the preview in the magazine, it had character bios for the confirmed character list. In Cap’s bio it said he was one of the founding members of the Avengers.

     That’s not true whatsoever. The founding Avengers were Iron Man, Ant man, The Wasp, The Hulk(yeah, the Hulk), and Thor. In the first issue they met up by chance because of Loki and after they decided to form a team of the greatest superheroes ever. But the Hulk was uncontrollable and ran away and caused harm either in issue two or three.

Iron Man looks funny

     But Captain America was found in the ice in issue 4 and later and revived by the Avengers. He debuted with the very famous comic cover that has found many variations for artistic purposes.

Cap was not a founding Avenger.

In the upcoming movie, it’s titled “The first Avenger”. I learned this today, which is why I’m writing. I don’t know what they mean by this, the Avengers were formed after he was frozen and before he was resurrected. But I guess by him being a hero and everything. I guess you can see him as the first Avenger from a really abstract point of view. But to me he is neither the first or a founding Avenger as some might think.


Captain America to be played by Chris Evans

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     Chris Evans is to star in the upcoming Captain America Movie. He’s a great actor, but he doesn’t look the part to me. Chris Hemsworth seems more like a Captain America to me. But that’s only by appearance.

Is Johnny Storm secretly Steve rogers? Or did the casting director do their job "uninspired'?

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

     Chris Evans already played in as Johnny Torch in the Fantastic Four too, so I don’t know why he’s playing two characters in the Marvel U’s movie universe.

Steve Rogers

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Evans

Who looks more like Steve Rogers?

     And I already know that Chris Hemsworth is already playing Thor. But wait, if Chris Evans can play two characters, Chris Hemsworth should be able to, right?

May 10, 2010

My Lament(short version)

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     Is there no one out there who I can relate to who doesn’t also love God? That’s the question that I’ve been having trouble answering. I also thought there was hope. But now I see none. I date, a lot. but in all these dates I have never once found a person who can appreciate me past my looks. I am not saying I’m model material or anything. But from feedback I’ve been getting. I’m hot.

     This bothers me and I attract the wrong types. i take care of my body and health because I like being healthy and being the best I can be, as a person. But people view me as any regular person who likes those cheap compliments. What I look for is a funny, smart and overall good person. I thought I could find this outside of jesus. But apparently I can’t.

     This has always been a problem; over-aggressive and clingy girls who are only attracted to me because of my looks. I personally hate it. especially since it’s never always been like this until a couple of years ago.

     I continually fail. But what happened on a date the other night really opened my eyes. And I’m giving up hope. I can’t find a girl who loves me until I know they love Jesus first.

     I’m done with dating, for a long time. Until I could get my head back together and spend a whole lot of time in my Bible. Or until someone i truly click with comes my way.

     I don’t know what will come first, but I have to trust in God on this one.

“Don’t mistake innocence for ignorance. Don’t mistake purity for inexperience. Don’t mistake humility for weakness.”                 -John Reuben

“…For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”               – 1 Samuel 16:7

I apologize

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     I have to apologize. I am not a blogger. I am an essayist. I just found that out today. I write a lot. I’ve been told I talk a lot. It’s true. I also always have a lot on my mind. And I like to formulate arguments. Also, I’m a bit lazy. I never type more than a rough draft, and I never really have an exact idea of what I’m going to write, just the general issue or topic I’m writing on.

     The way I write. It’s simple. One thought comes to mind, I write about it then expand on it. And write “freehand”, meaning: I just write. It’s very simple and therapeutic. So I naturally seem scattered when I write, it’s because i really don’t edit or think about the exact path i’m going. It’s like climbing a mountain. There are a lot of ridges and various physical features on the mountain, and every path is different going up. I’m like a mountain climber when formulating my essay, except I don’t plan the trip. I just know where I’m starting and where I’ll end, if I get off course, if I go off on a different tangent, it doesn’t matter, because for the most part, i hit the peak no matter the route.

     My apology is also includes the fact that i sometimes bring other topics in. Although they have to do with the main topic, they take focus away from it, and also make my blog post very long. So I will stray away from adding other issues or topics in. I’ll stick to the main points.

     I also have to apologize for being scattered. I will always write “freehand”, but I’ll try to make it more thought out in form. I will stay close to the topic and try not to be redundant or confusing.

     In the future, I’ll try to be a better blogger. Thank you.

My Lament

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     I went out with a friend the other night. Last Tuesday. This is the second time she asked me out. This was someone I never spoke to in high school. But she found me over facebook. And the first date seemed nice. She seemed like a nice person. She said she wasn’t religious. And she asked me if I was. I said no, I just love Jesus. And I told her I get asked out a lot, but it never seems to work out because they thik I’m “too religious”. And I don’t believe there is such a thing. I just love Jesus.

     This is a problem. Girls I go out with think its something bad, like I have a disease or something. And I’ve been telling myself it’s something bad. But I’m not going to lose my faith over that. And when I say “This is a problem”. I don’t mean Jesus. I mean how people view my faith: as a liability or hinderance or something keeping me down. It’s a shame that people see it like that.

     When people see me, their first impression is that I am not “religious” and I am a person who has sex, does drugs, and so on. When they hear that I don’t, they are surprised and think I’m restraining myself from fun. But it isn’t really restraint. Just as I said when I was writing about dieting, it’s not about keeping from yourself, it’s about living a lifestyle. Sure, I’d be wrong if it were completely unrestraint, but it’s restrictions are restrictions from the bad. And it’s something I want to do. Because my values and mindset see it differently. I like living how I do. It’s not about being uptight, but about wanting to live the life I do. I feel I get more for it. It’s something non-christians don’t seem to understand when they question how I live.

     I’m not a hypocrite to how I present myself. I don’t present myself as a non-christian and I don’t hide the fact that I am, to anyone. When I said above, “At first impression, they don’t see me as a christian”. It’s not because I don’t act “Christian”. But because my personality, people say. I played football, basketball, ran track. I did a lot in high school, still do now. But I never once did anything I felt God didn’t want me to do. Never smoked, drank, or anything. My friends did, and I looked like a stereotypical high schooler who would do those kinds of thngs, was in the posiion where it was readily available to me. I looked like the person if you took God out the picture. Even though I didn’t do any of those things, I know the lifestyle what it brings. So I’m not really a hypocrite, I don’t front as anything but Jesus-loving. But people get the impression that I’m not because of what I “look like”.

     I was wrong in the above paragraph. It’s not the first impression, but the view of me even before people meet me, what I look like from a distance. Before they approach me they already are sizing me up. Don’t let appearances fool you.

     Well, on to my story. On the second date, where I thought I met a nice person, and she apparently didn’t know me well. She was really aggresive where it made me uncomfortable. She made a move on me, but I got to know her well enough to know I didn’t want to be involved with her. So I stopped it basically, for lack of a better term, broke up with her; whatever relationship that was, I told her I couldn’t see her anymore.

     This really disturbed me, because I thought I was a good judge of character, and I try to avoid people becoming so attached to me in the wrong way. But I was totally wrong i this case, and that scared me. Not because it never happened before, but because it caught me so off-guard. This has happened many times before, but this time was just all bad. So she dropped mke off home and that was it.

     But this little event, has really got me questioning my mind toward dating. I always thought I could have a relationship with someone who wasn’t really “religious”. I thought there were some girls with self-control and a good personality I could connect to, but I guess I was wrong. This has thrown me off dating for a really long time. I need to continue reading my Bible and let Him get me through this, and when the time has come, I’ll be ready, He’ll tell me when.

     And another thing that I tried to avoid, but didn’t find out till the second date, was that she didn’t like me until around my junior year of high school. And that made me really mad. Because if you know my testimony. That was when I really started to focus on my walk with God. And when he turned me around, changing me. That’s when I made fitness a hobby(I know, not the coolest thing), but also when I got style, got a nice body, a really grew as a person. Where he changed me from a pale skinny little kid who was really introverted, talked too much and thought he was better than people, who, by most accounts was annoying and cynical. I’m not trying to toot my own horn and talk about how great I am, because I’m really still not that great. And I don’t look down on who I was, because learning what I did when I truly found Jesus made it that much more sweeter to become the man I’m still becoming.

     God didn’t give me what I have, but he gave me the knowledge and will to become what I am. He gave me the ability and will to work hard.

     But before my junior year, I wanted the wrong things, but couldn’t get them. My junior year and after, I could the what I wanted but chose not to. And also, when girls didn’t pay me any attention(But back tyhen that really what I deserved), I always got mad. But now, they pay me too much attention with the wrong intentions. It makes me mad that now they pay attention to me, when I could care less if they did. The girl admitted on the second date that she likes me now because I “got hot”. This is something I come across a lot, and it makes me mad. My last girlfriend was like that, when I asked her what she liked about me, she said nothing about who I was, and all about what I looked like. But when she asked the same, All I could think about was personality(Which was still hard to find in her). So I broke up with her a couple adays later(and she asked me out to begin with, and I hestitantly said ok, because she seemed nice and willing to change).

     I know, I am very flawed. I don’t call myself perfect, and yes, as I was writing I do admit, it seems like a trend. So that’s why I am going to stop dating for a while until I could really think about it. Me and my friend Keyes were talking the other day, and he told me that he’s just attracting the wrong type. And I never thought about that. But I have to admit, I think I am. That’s in part to why I’m going to focus on other things right now in my life.

     My lament is that I tried to find a good girl outside of Jesus, but they just seem to like what they see, and what they see it all superficial. All fleeting is what’s on the outside. It doesn’t tell what’s in the heart. I try to look in the heart of them, but without Hesus in there, it’s hard for me to fins a good heart. And I’m finding it’s more difficult to look at the heart of a person. There’s just no loving me if you don’t love Jesus first.

     God has blessed me and the point to this update is to vent a little and to make sense of a small portion of my life. But I tried to write this in all humilty and in no way to uplift myself or bring down others. I am sorry if it seems like I did.

“Don’t mistake innocence for ignorance. Don’t mistake purity for inexperience. Don’t mistake humilty for weakness.”                 -John Reuben

“…For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”               – 1 Samuel 16:7

April 27, 2010

The brain is smart

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     Our brain is extremely slow. Can’t process as much information as you think you can. No, there isn’t a contradiction between the first sentence and the title. Our brain is very slow, but very smart at the same time, in fact, because how it handles its disabilities shows how smart the brain is.

     Our brain cannot process all the information we take in. For example, we cannot take in every single little color and every single little sound. Because the number of that we take in is so large, our brain cannot process it. But our brain takes shortcuts.

     Let me further explain. Your brain sees everything, and sees them again, but they are never seen in the same light or at the same exact angle, ever. Same with sounds too. So your brain “matches” to things in the long-term memory. And does a kind of database search, similar to the fingerprint matches on CSI, how it scrolls through all the possible matches until it finds something similar.

     This makes your brain label everything it sees in comparison to things already seen in the past. This shortcut makes you generalize things. But it’s a very useful shortcut that puts things in categories and saves memory space. Puts it in a mental “File cabinet” with all the other things it’s similar too. And also gives it “tags” for search purposes so when something triggers a certain thought, your brain goes through everything that matches. It keeps every foreign thing from being unknown. We naturally cannot be content with the unknown, so our brain caters to that fear and labels everything.

     The journey from our eyes to our brain is a far one. Our brain cannot possibly process and mange all the colors and sights we see every second. And to process it in milliseconds like we do. Also, if we were to just take it for exactly what it were instead of relating it to other objects seen in the past, we would only recognize them as lines and nothing more. But this isn’t so. We do recognize and/or label everything we see. But also, we do not take in everything and process everything. We process a fraction of it. Pieces that give it a kind of outline, just enough information is gathered so you recognize and can match it to something in your database of information. This is a shortcut. Saves a lot of time and it makes everything easier to grasp and comprehend. You never know exactly how many leaves are on a tree or how many raindrops are on a window in the rain. Your brain doesn’t take every speck of information, it takes only the main parts to analyze. When you see a tree, you just see the large amount of leaves(or lack thereof), and then classify it as a big or small tree. Same with color. The brain does not take in every single shade of color, just the general description of it.

     When seeing things, the brain classifies and labels to relate and identify. The same also applies to hearing. Not every wave is the same length and taken at the same frequency, and size, and angle. All these factors distort what you hear, so your brain relates it, and takes parts of it, and matches to what they hear. A good example is that voices are never the same, but you can recognize if a southern person says “automobile” or if a New Yorker says “automobile”. It all goes through the brain and processes as taking the main parts of the sound and analyzing it. And when hearing sentences too, the brain matches whole sentences and the context to what they know in order to understand better, which makes comprehension easier.

One example of how our brain uses shortcuts is shown in a WordPress article I’ve seen today, it’s here:

     Now onto the bad parts of these shortcuts. With sight, we generalize, and to make it easier. But also, we don’t collect all the information, and with what we match it to, we fill in the blank spaces we didn’t pick up. Just like you can’t count the leaves in a tree from memory, even though the tree may be very vivid, it’s because we add those leaves, and since they are fake, we don’t let ourselves pay attention to the leaves so we cannot count them, they are in a way, blurred by our minds even though they look very vivid. But if we see something with a more exact quantity, but didn’t pay attention to the quantity, such as coins on a table, we may fabricate the number and it may not be accurate, but even then, it’s a little more harder to count. When it comes to people, the reason why we do a “double-take”, and see something that resembles something, and we could be so sure that it was whatever you thought, maybe an old friend, it’s because our brain fills in the blanks. Only when we get a good look at someone, do we recognize who or what they are.

     We generalize, this process isn’t restricted to our brain’s subconscious workings like I showed in the above paragraph. We also do it consciously, and this leads to disputes and the creation of phrases like “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, etc. I hope I don’t need to explain how stereotyping is wrong, it’ll save me a little ink and you time because you won’t have to read my overly long paragraphs.

Here is a bad example of how our brain uses a shortcut to get out of things, it’s also a classic word puzzle. Read it once through, don’t go slow, read it as if any other sentence, and count the f’s along the way, and then don’t read it again until you know the answer which is in the next paragraph:  “Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.”  How many f’s are in the sentence?

     If you have seen this puzzle before, you probably felt smart that you knew, but every time from what I know nobody gets it the first time(unless you stare at each individual letter or went to a similar extreme). It is because your brain processes the word “of” as “ov”, so your brain naturally passes over the letter. The actual number of f’s is six. So in closing, the brain is slow, but in being slow, the best is shown as it didn’t settle with being slow, it used what it had and now is very proficient in its duties. Which is how we should be. We, as a culture, should not be alright with mediocre. Being smart isn’t about what you know, it’s about how you handle what you have, how you use knowledge, not how you store it. Same with us. It’s not about complaining about what we don’t have, but doing the best with what we have, and we shouldn’t be happy with less than what we can do.

April 26, 2010

Update 4/26

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     Since my last post, I ran 2 or 3 more track meets, and I pr’d(pr=personal record, the ” ‘d” in pr’d makes it a verb, in track speak) by two seconds in hurdles, each week. that means I pr’d by a total of 4 seconds in the past three weeks, and 6 seconds in the total of four seconds in the four total track meets I’ve run this year. Our conference trials are this Wednesday, and I don’t know how I’ll do. My times aren’t there, my race is so out-of-whack. Sure, I have the ability to run it right, but not enough runs in meets to really get a grip on how I need to run it smoothly. I hope I do good. Pray for me.

     This week hasn’t been so good to me. The weekend picked up though. Saturday, or at least the start, was a continuation of my bad week. I woke up, with terrible bed hair, and if you’ve seen me before, you know I have “white-people” hair. And I’ve been growing it out, not to grow it out, and for style, but because I just didn’t feel like cutting it(And for a couple other reasons too). And My facial hair too. So I looked from all accounts, like a hobo(facially anyway). And this particular morning, after my brother got his car started (because I finally did what I told him to do all along), after a month of trying, he took it. This isn’t a problem outside the fact is that he owes me a good amount of money and he gave me his car for collateral. He doesn’t have a good concept of what collateral is. so my dad got angry with him that the car was out of the driveway, and we went over to his girlfriend’s place, i was going to get the car, my dad was going to have me get my stuff out the car. I don’t know why he chose to tag along since it only takes one person to take stuff out of the car. But since he did, i thought he’d let me take the car. He didn’t. And we argued, and he ran away. I thought i as the teenager. It’s my job to run away, not his, but he did. So I went down to Alvarado street in Monterey, which was really close and where I think my dad would’ve been. So I went looking for him, and today, had an especially large amount of tourists, because the weather was nice and the big sur marathon health expo was in town. So me, who just got out of bed a half hour earlier, without socks wearing presto slipper-shoes. Baggy Jordan shorts with multiple cigarette burns, and a white tee with my hair sticking up everywhere, looked much like a bum. When I went into the tacobell, I cashier seemed surprised to see me pull out my wallet with credit cards in them. So after two hours of looking, I went home to find my dad home, how he made it all the way from Monterey, I do not know.

     So then I got a haircut, shaved my head and lined myself up(yeah, I cut my own hair). I felt pretty good, looked like a new man. And also that night, went to the movies with my friend who found me on Facebook and started talking to me. To be honest, i didn’t really know her, and I particularly wasnt too interested in her from the start from what I knew of her from the few times we’ve talked in the past. She didn’t seem like my type. But after the initial part of the date, where it was kinda awkward and I i couldn’t find something to talk about, we ended up having a really good time, going to a local restaurant and staying there an hour in a half after closing, we were just talking, and found that she was a very interesting person who I wouldn’t mind trying it out, seeing where it’ll go from there.

     But then Sunday came… Sunday was a really good day, but also complicates my life a tad bit. I had to wake up early, like 6, couldn’t go to track practice because I had to help volunteer at a youth group fundraiser. So I was there til 5 in the evening, and then went home only to go out with an on and off friend who we always clicked and really liked, but our lives just pulled us apart. But this time, something just happened. And now, going on two dates with two different people in consecutive days isn’t my style, so now I don’t know what to do. This is going to end badly, i can tell.

April 23, 2010

There is Hope for Time Tebow, and Denver sees it

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     I never really Denver. But I’ll sure be watching every single one of their games this year. They picked up Tim Tebow in the first round of the NFL draft last night when every critic said he’d be picked in the earliest, the third or might not even be picked at all.

     I always never liked how people could criticize Tim Tebow. Sure, his skills don’t fit the current NFL style of play where Quarterbacks don’t go head up with linebackers and even his throwing style where, against faster defensive linemen, will make him fumble a lot. But just because of that, you shouldn’t give up hope on the young Tebow.

     People change. Maybe the game will make Tim change, or he will just learn to play the NFL way. But I really don’t like how critics counted him out just for how he played. Because he could easily learn how to play differently. He’s an athlete, that’s what athletes do. If they’re really good, they will adapt, or they may just change the way the game is played altogether. He has the athletic ability and potential to become great, and not all roads are straight lines, he could change his game’s direction and style to fit in the league, so don’t count him out.

     Also, he may just become one of the greats. Instead of him adapting, Peoples may need to adapt to him. He may be one of the people who defensive schemes are made around, whole new ways of playing are developed. Personally, I don’t know, and it would be a bold statement to say that he’s will improvise on the game.

     All I want to say, is thank you Denver. When a guy is good, he’s good. And Tim Tebow is good, so don’t count him out like every other critic. Thank you Cleveland for believing.

April 21, 2010

Gotta have ’em!

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This is the new slogan for McDonald’s. And no, I don’t have a personal war with Mcdonald’s. They just happen to do something I’m not particularly liking. And I notice them more. They do have more ads than any other fast food chain. I’ve seen this ad on bilboards and every other possible place that there could be ads placed. And I’ve started noticing this new ad campaign probably about a month ago. But about a half hour ago I saw, on my way to school, on of the ads on a bus. And i really looked at it this time and thought about it.

This ad illustrates our culture, in my opinion. And this isn’t the first. There have been ads with this angle for probably the past decade but none are coming to mind and this kinda epitomizes it.

The angle is that this ad blurs the lines between wants and needs. And illustrates our consumerist culture of “I gotta have it” mindset. This mindset is dangerous but is becoming a more and more common theme in the american culture. That we feel the need to want. And that we’ll be happy wanting more and more. And when we get whatever it is we get, that we’ll be happy. But oh how quickly that superficial happiness fades. and we’re left with junk and obesity.

I personally don’t like ads that tell me what I want or need. and they’re out there all the time. And it reflects our culture, sadly. well, that’s all I have to say on this subject.

April 19, 2010

The evolution of the “Round Burger”

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     I remember back in the day…(I feel really old saying that, didn’t think I’d say that until a couple more years down the road). Anyway, I remember when Burger buns used to fit with their patties.

     I noticed this first with the quarter pounder. because I remember thinking when I noticed burgers started to shrink, I told myself “The good thing about quarter pounders are they can’t shrink, because the size is in the name itself.” This was under the faulty assumption that fast food restaurants would engineer burgers around the meat. I was wrong.

Burger King's "Ultimate whopper", with it's "Vertical Sides"

     I noticed that the buns were shrinking. This caused a two-pronged effect. It first, helped businesses be cheap in production, skim the edges off of what they were making. But this also created an ingenious marketing strategy. whether it was intentional, I don’t know, but it opened the floodgates for burgers that trick the eyes.

round at the sides

     The burgers look so big when the patties aren’t confined to within the burger. It gives the meat much more mass than it has. And that’s the main selling point, the meat, not the bread. No one ever focuses on the bread. No one ever says “Hey, the bread is looking smaller”. That’s just how it is. If it weren’t for my focus on the quarter-pounder and its stagnant weight, I never would’ve seen this.

A stereotypical Carl's Jr Burger

     Carl’s Jr., actually, I think pioneered this. In all of their non-value burgers, they have this exact formula of a “hulking burger that the bread can’t contain” thing. Which it works well for them, and personally, they have good quality burgers. And the burgers are big too. So I don’t mind Carl’s Jr. doing that, well, because they actually are big. So their deceiving us too, but it’s not like their burgers are small either. Their whole focus on business is to have big burgers, if you’ve ever seen any of their ads.

     I have to be a fan of burger king when it comes to advertising. Their burgers are noticeably “vertical” at the sides. the patties don’t come out from the sides. They didn’t skimp on the buns(just yet, anyway). So I have to give burger king some credit for that. Especially in such a capitalist world too.

Another one of Carl's...

     So my main beef(no pun intended) is with McDonald’s. I have no personal war with McDonald’s. I love capitalism in all its glory. I’m always one for being self-sufficient and if you have a good idea, you should profit from it. But in this particular case, if it deceives, it’s not good, even Carl’s JR. too, but at least they actually make big burgers.

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