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May 30, 2010

I am a comic book collector, officially

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     I can say it officially now, that I am a comic book collector. Before today, I wasn’t a comic book collector. I was simply a comic-phile(I don’t know if that is even a word). I was a person who enjoyed comic books a lot even though I never actually collected them. I know all the histories and backstories and fun facts every comic geek would know.(My favorite superpeople are deadpool, moonknight, Iron Fist and ghost rider, just to let you know). But I never actually bought one myself. I have been for a long while though been reading my comics monthly at my local Border’s store. I never really had a budget to buy them.

     The only comics I had growing up were the funnies. And I didn’t know spiderman and other superheroes had one ever, until a year ago. The only comic books I had growing up were(regretably) stolen by me and a friend from the backyard of a house of someone I didn’t know. That was a long time ago and a different person, however. And a Spiderman vs the Punisher comic my brother had(This was an even longer time ago and looking back, he never had any interest in comic books).  And interest rose in comic books when the psp got a comic book catalog and reader on it. I then bought over 100 of them over time. But I like the paper, and the actual hardcopy with all it brings. That’s basically my whole comic book history of my life.

     I don’t look like a comic book geek whatsoever. I love sports and live a very active lifestyle. My hobbies are working out and exercising. I don’t dress geeky at all, I personally think I have a good sense of style. None of my friends are comic fans and I doubt if they even know who moonknight is. If they knew anything about comic books, it would be from the popular Marvel movies. I have no connections to comic books or the universes that are created from them in my world. To be honest, I wouldn’t be such a fan if it weren’t for the influence that was planted in me and grown by the saturday morning cartoons of spiderman when I was little. I have no reason or incentive to be a superhero fan except for that. No one I know or get along with like comic books. I do the opposite of what the stereotypical comic geek does. This facet of my life goes against the current of everything I know and love. I don’t know why I do, I just do.

     Two days ago I decided to buy a Deadpool and Wolverine comic, but I didn’t have my wallet on me. So the next day I bought them. And I always saw commercials for a local comic book shop and I looked it up and went to it today. I came in to the store, I didn’t know it until 15 minutes later but I came in right before he was going to close up, because it closes at 6. I came at 6:04. Lucky me. It felt like he knew I wasn’t a comic book geek.(Even though I really know my stuff). But it seemed like he could tell that I don’t go to comic book shops. But he kept the store open and didn’t tell me that he was really trying to close up(I didn’t find out until some customers came in 15 minutes later and I heard them say it closes at 6) And a couple customers came in after me too. I spent over 50 dollars on comics that I couldn’t find at Border’s. The comic book shop didn’t have the geeks or anything in it(But it was after closing). I was legitimately scared that comic book geeks in the store would stare at me or make me feel unwanted, like they would be playing their card games, and I would walk in and they would stop their game and everybody would stare at me with their pale frail bodies and thick-framed glasses(Sorry for the stereotype, but that was going through my head, out of all the geeks I know, none fit that description, except for the frail part); Another worry of mine was that the store would look like a geek hangout(which would look foreign to me) and would be confused to where and what everything was. But it was not complex, and like stores are, “customer-friendly”.

     It did however have boxes in the middle of the store on a table with comics packed and organized in them like I always see on the tv show “The big bang theory”. That was really cool for me to see. It was an awesome fist-time experience in a comic book store and I was like a kid in a candy store,. There were so many comics I wanted that I only have seen advertised. But even though it doesn’t seem like it by the amount of money I spent, I actually did have some restraint on my purchases.

     Oh, and I’m strictly a Marvel fan.


May 24, 2010

My New Blog about Health

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     Since Track Season ended about a month ago, I’ve been really feeling bad. Physically, that is. My body feels weaker, I’ve been sleeping more and still tired and weaker. My muscles feel tired and weak, like muscle fatigue. But I haven’t been to the gym or ran or biked since track season ended.

     I thought it was me out of shape, but today I realized I’ve been skipping breakfast too. And went without my everyday pb&j sandwich.

     But now I’m just going to say it’s a mix between the two. I’ve noticed that when I don’t work out, my body’s overall energy level goes down in the future. I think the effects are starting to kick in.

     So now, starting next week(I wish I could start this second but I can’t. The reason why I haven’t been exercising is because I’ve been busy, and I know I should always be able to make time, but I’ve been putting it off till now. Also, my semester ends this week, so I’ll have time to start fresh), I’ll be in the gym and start my new blog: “A new you in 52″(weeks that is)

     If your thinking “52 is such an obscure number, why that?”. It’s really because it really isn’t that obscure if you take it in context. 52 weeks equals 1 year. So it’s a year of me exercising and trying new things in fitness and diet. I’ll try to do as much as possible.

May 21, 2010

Update 5/21

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     Since the last update, I had a really random things happen. Nothing too crazy, but to me, a little out of the ordinary.

My brother came into town for two weeks. He told me I worry too much, which I noticed I do. And I get stressed out real easily. I over-analyze and think too much about things. But I think it’s for good. It helps me be organized. Naturally I am not organized. But naturally I worry and that keeps me to stay organized and on top of things(and I also have a blackberry, which makes my life a whole lot easier).

     The year is coming to an end, the weather has been absolutely wonderful despite the last few month’s terrible weather. Summer is really almost here. I need this. I am feeling worn and weary. Jesus is must be really smart and cares a lot, because he knew I would doing what I do, and he knew if this semester were more than two more weeks, I would’ve committed suicide already(just kidding nothing that drastic)

     These events aren’t in chronological order. They are in the order of what I think of.

     My friend Olhom told me something that surprised me. He said he just lost his virginity a few weeks ago to his now-girlfriend Celine. He isn’t someone who I thought would be a virgin, but he was. And he ended up pouring out his life story to me.

     (last week)I saw a girl cry in the library at my school. She was in her mid-30s at least. She was about five to ten feet from me crying and asking her guy friend “why”. I think they were breaking up but she was really upset and he was virtually indifferent, just trying to get her away from him. She came to him happy to begin with, and like half an hour later was crying.

     When at lunch feeding my birds on campus, it’s been a beautiful day(This was yesterday), I saw a man, mid-50s in the face of a younger, bigger guy yelling at him for whatever reason. Strange.

     (a couple days ago)Another friend of mine told me he broke up with his girlfriend, and he is still a virgin(And he would be one of the last people I would think would be one). His girlfriend of a year was practicing abstinence till marriage. He is one of the most genuine people I know and he was really upset about losing his girlfriend. He personally wasn’t abstinence till marriage but he was nice enough to respect her decision. We ended up having a long talk about his life and everything.

     I don’t want to put my friends on the spot or put their lives out there, but its something that was really put on my heart to pray about. For many reasons. It’s strange how at the end of the year I’m seeing so many changes in people and all these random little events happen.

     I was really upset with a lot of people and things, the relationships in my life. But then on monday I skipped the local youth group meeting and went to my church and experienced a revival. It cleared my mind and re-ignited the passion for Him in me. It took my weights I held onto so tight and freed me from them. My worries.

     Well, now I don’t feel worn or weary, I have a brand new energy, I feel recharged and ready to take on the world. I don’t usually pry into people’s lives, especially their personal lives, but God threw it at me and all I could do is be a listening ear to my friends, and I didn’t want to be witness to the old man yelling or the couple breaking up, but it was there.

     I like to observe the little details of the world, or I’d like to think that I do do that. I don’t think I’m nosy but I think I observe well. I don’t gossip, or get involved in other’s people’s lives or talk about other people’s personal lives(except for this post). I let people deal with their own lives. But I will listen to  you and put input when I think it is needed.

     I understand that this post has a lot about other people and their lives and not about me. But as far as I remember about these last couple weeks or days, that is all that stuck out to me to write. Sorry.

     This summer is sorely needed… I love you Jesus.

May 10, 2010

My Lament

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     I went out with a friend the other night. Last Tuesday. This is the second time she asked me out. This was someone I never spoke to in high school. But she found me over facebook. And the first date seemed nice. She seemed like a nice person. She said she wasn’t religious. And she asked me if I was. I said no, I just love Jesus. And I told her I get asked out a lot, but it never seems to work out because they thik I’m “too religious”. And I don’t believe there is such a thing. I just love Jesus.

     This is a problem. Girls I go out with think its something bad, like I have a disease or something. And I’ve been telling myself it’s something bad. But I’m not going to lose my faith over that. And when I say “This is a problem”. I don’t mean Jesus. I mean how people view my faith: as a liability or hinderance or something keeping me down. It’s a shame that people see it like that.

     When people see me, their first impression is that I am not “religious” and I am a person who has sex, does drugs, and so on. When they hear that I don’t, they are surprised and think I’m restraining myself from fun. But it isn’t really restraint. Just as I said when I was writing about dieting, it’s not about keeping from yourself, it’s about living a lifestyle. Sure, I’d be wrong if it were completely unrestraint, but it’s restrictions are restrictions from the bad. And it’s something I want to do. Because my values and mindset see it differently. I like living how I do. It’s not about being uptight, but about wanting to live the life I do. I feel I get more for it. It’s something non-christians don’t seem to understand when they question how I live.

     I’m not a hypocrite to how I present myself. I don’t present myself as a non-christian and I don’t hide the fact that I am, to anyone. When I said above, “At first impression, they don’t see me as a christian”. It’s not because I don’t act “Christian”. But because my personality, people say. I played football, basketball, ran track. I did a lot in high school, still do now. But I never once did anything I felt God didn’t want me to do. Never smoked, drank, or anything. My friends did, and I looked like a stereotypical high schooler who would do those kinds of thngs, was in the posiion where it was readily available to me. I looked like the person if you took God out the picture. Even though I didn’t do any of those things, I know the lifestyle what it brings. So I’m not really a hypocrite, I don’t front as anything but Jesus-loving. But people get the impression that I’m not because of what I “look like”.

     I was wrong in the above paragraph. It’s not the first impression, but the view of me even before people meet me, what I look like from a distance. Before they approach me they already are sizing me up. Don’t let appearances fool you.

     Well, on to my story. On the second date, where I thought I met a nice person, and she apparently didn’t know me well. She was really aggresive where it made me uncomfortable. She made a move on me, but I got to know her well enough to know I didn’t want to be involved with her. So I stopped it basically, for lack of a better term, broke up with her; whatever relationship that was, I told her I couldn’t see her anymore.

     This really disturbed me, because I thought I was a good judge of character, and I try to avoid people becoming so attached to me in the wrong way. But I was totally wrong i this case, and that scared me. Not because it never happened before, but because it caught me so off-guard. This has happened many times before, but this time was just all bad. So she dropped mke off home and that was it.

     But this little event, has really got me questioning my mind toward dating. I always thought I could have a relationship with someone who wasn’t really “religious”. I thought there were some girls with self-control and a good personality I could connect to, but I guess I was wrong. This has thrown me off dating for a really long time. I need to continue reading my Bible and let Him get me through this, and when the time has come, I’ll be ready, He’ll tell me when.

     And another thing that I tried to avoid, but didn’t find out till the second date, was that she didn’t like me until around my junior year of high school. And that made me really mad. Because if you know my testimony. That was when I really started to focus on my walk with God. And when he turned me around, changing me. That’s when I made fitness a hobby(I know, not the coolest thing), but also when I got style, got a nice body, a really grew as a person. Where he changed me from a pale skinny little kid who was really introverted, talked too much and thought he was better than people, who, by most accounts was annoying and cynical. I’m not trying to toot my own horn and talk about how great I am, because I’m really still not that great. And I don’t look down on who I was, because learning what I did when I truly found Jesus made it that much more sweeter to become the man I’m still becoming.

     God didn’t give me what I have, but he gave me the knowledge and will to become what I am. He gave me the ability and will to work hard.

     But before my junior year, I wanted the wrong things, but couldn’t get them. My junior year and after, I could the what I wanted but chose not to. And also, when girls didn’t pay me any attention(But back tyhen that really what I deserved), I always got mad. But now, they pay me too much attention with the wrong intentions. It makes me mad that now they pay attention to me, when I could care less if they did. The girl admitted on the second date that she likes me now because I “got hot”. This is something I come across a lot, and it makes me mad. My last girlfriend was like that, when I asked her what she liked about me, she said nothing about who I was, and all about what I looked like. But when she asked the same, All I could think about was personality(Which was still hard to find in her). So I broke up with her a couple adays later(and she asked me out to begin with, and I hestitantly said ok, because she seemed nice and willing to change).

     I know, I am very flawed. I don’t call myself perfect, and yes, as I was writing I do admit, it seems like a trend. So that’s why I am going to stop dating for a while until I could really think about it. Me and my friend Keyes were talking the other day, and he told me that he’s just attracting the wrong type. And I never thought about that. But I have to admit, I think I am. That’s in part to why I’m going to focus on other things right now in my life.

     My lament is that I tried to find a good girl outside of Jesus, but they just seem to like what they see, and what they see it all superficial. All fleeting is what’s on the outside. It doesn’t tell what’s in the heart. I try to look in the heart of them, but without Hesus in there, it’s hard for me to fins a good heart. And I’m finding it’s more difficult to look at the heart of a person. There’s just no loving me if you don’t love Jesus first.

     God has blessed me and the point to this update is to vent a little and to make sense of a small portion of my life. But I tried to write this in all humilty and in no way to uplift myself or bring down others. I am sorry if it seems like I did.

“Don’t mistake innocence for ignorance. Don’t mistake purity for inexperience. Don’t mistake humilty for weakness.”                 -John Reuben

“…For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”               – 1 Samuel 16:7

April 26, 2010

Update 4/26

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     Since my last post, I ran 2 or 3 more track meets, and I pr’d(pr=personal record, the ” ‘d” in pr’d makes it a verb, in track speak) by two seconds in hurdles, each week. that means I pr’d by a total of 4 seconds in the past three weeks, and 6 seconds in the total of four seconds in the four total track meets I’ve run this year. Our conference trials are this Wednesday, and I don’t know how I’ll do. My times aren’t there, my race is so out-of-whack. Sure, I have the ability to run it right, but not enough runs in meets to really get a grip on how I need to run it smoothly. I hope I do good. Pray for me.

     This week hasn’t been so good to me. The weekend picked up though. Saturday, or at least the start, was a continuation of my bad week. I woke up, with terrible bed hair, and if you’ve seen me before, you know I have “white-people” hair. And I’ve been growing it out, not to grow it out, and for style, but because I just didn’t feel like cutting it(And for a couple other reasons too). And My facial hair too. So I looked from all accounts, like a hobo(facially anyway). And this particular morning, after my brother got his car started (because I finally did what I told him to do all along), after a month of trying, he took it. This isn’t a problem outside the fact is that he owes me a good amount of money and he gave me his car for collateral. He doesn’t have a good concept of what collateral is. so my dad got angry with him that the car was out of the driveway, and we went over to his girlfriend’s place, i was going to get the car, my dad was going to have me get my stuff out the car. I don’t know why he chose to tag along since it only takes one person to take stuff out of the car. But since he did, i thought he’d let me take the car. He didn’t. And we argued, and he ran away. I thought i as the teenager. It’s my job to run away, not his, but he did. So I went down to Alvarado street in Monterey, which was really close and where I think my dad would’ve been. So I went looking for him, and today, had an especially large amount of tourists, because the weather was nice and the big sur marathon health expo was in town. So me, who just got out of bed a half hour earlier, without socks wearing presto slipper-shoes. Baggy Jordan shorts with multiple cigarette burns, and a white tee with my hair sticking up everywhere, looked much like a bum. When I went into the tacobell, I cashier seemed surprised to see me pull out my wallet with credit cards in them. So after two hours of looking, I went home to find my dad home, how he made it all the way from Monterey, I do not know.

     So then I got a haircut, shaved my head and lined myself up(yeah, I cut my own hair). I felt pretty good, looked like a new man. And also that night, went to the movies with my friend who found me on Facebook and started talking to me. To be honest, i didn’t really know her, and I particularly wasnt too interested in her from the start from what I knew of her from the few times we’ve talked in the past. She didn’t seem like my type. But after the initial part of the date, where it was kinda awkward and I i couldn’t find something to talk about, we ended up having a really good time, going to a local restaurant and staying there an hour in a half after closing, we were just talking, and found that she was a very interesting person who I wouldn’t mind trying it out, seeing where it’ll go from there.

     But then Sunday came… Sunday was a really good day, but also complicates my life a tad bit. I had to wake up early, like 6, couldn’t go to track practice because I had to help volunteer at a youth group fundraiser. So I was there til 5 in the evening, and then went home only to go out with an on and off friend who we always clicked and really liked, but our lives just pulled us apart. But this time, something just happened. And now, going on two dates with two different people in consecutive days isn’t my style, so now I don’t know what to do. This is going to end badly, i can tell.

March 21, 2010

My new Favorite Pastimes

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     Yesterday, I went paintballing(Is that the right term, paintballing? It doesn’t sound right to me, maybe its just me) with the local youth group I volunteer for. And I have to say its one of my favorite things to do now. I only been once before and got kicked out of that one(It’s a long story), and I still had fun. And when I got the chance to set up one, I jumped at it. And on three day’s notice, I got 5 other guys from the youth group to come. I think I did good organizing it on such short notice. We went to Hollister, and that morning ran into way too many problems, but we got there over an hour past the time I planned to get there. But it still worked out really well. I felt like a pro, I played more games too than the rest of everyone else, that was in part to me not being so trigger-happy.; and I think I did good. Especially at the end of the day I was doing good. One game of 3v3, in a city-type field, I got the whole team. And when me and Charlie were on the same team, we did magic with the communication skills, flanking and covering each other; Thats what we get for playing “Modern Warfare” so much. My favorite type of game is shooting games, and I just applied the same play philosophy to paintballing, and it came natural to me. I got shot in the face more than anywhere else. And I was a bit ruthless shooting a couple people up close with my sneaking skills. But the day was good. And in the hot sun I was drained of energy driving back. This made me consider joining the army(But I really doubt if I’d ever). I played 1v1 too. Those games were fun too. Such a memorable weekend, I’m planning to set up another one real soon.

     Also, another one of my new favorite things to do is snowboarding. The first time I ever went i just fell in love with it, picking it up real fast, and not being scared to just do it. I have been snowboarding only twice, and the same with paintballing. I plan to make it a consistent hobby in the future. I need to do them more often.

March 18, 2010

My Bamboo Vans and Shopping

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PERSONAL NOTE:I personally don’t like the current guy’s style here of skinny colored jeans with vans, but I do own two pairs of Vans.

     Last weekend when I went to visit a friend up in San Jose, I stopped by the Gilroy outlet mall on the way up. Went to the Nike Store, and saw a couple pair of Jordans for really cheap prices; one in particular were and only 41.99. I was going to get them, and my style likes basketball shoes more. I said I’d wait ’til after me and my friend Charlie went to the other stores. He likes skater clothes and such, and he never been to the Vans store up there, so we looked around and went. Vans look alright, and they serve their purpose of a more casual shoe, I have one pair, and they were my first pair of Vans too. They were from a Pendletons down in Monterey.

The Flannel Vans

      The Pendleton Vans, they were the last pair the store would ever sell, and I wanted the blue flannel design, but got the green flannel ones, didn’t really have a choice. It was good, and I ended up finding a shirt to match at Kohl’s. Pendleton’s has really nice clothes too, but not really my style.

     Anyway, we went to the Vans store and I browsed around. I like Vans, but they’re not my favorite shoes. I was set on getting the Jordans. But then, I saw a pair i just had to get; They were Bamboo and charcoal lining Vans.

My Bamboo Vans

The way it looked, the style it brought with the beige color and the black checkers and the bamboo sewn at the foundation of it; it just looked good to me, and I got it.

     Why I bought it is because it looked good, and that’s partly because it is a subconscious feeling that I’m doing something good because its “all-natural” tinge to it and such. But, I had no clue if it really was environmentally friendly. I had no clue what charcoal-lining was and how and if bamboo and the charcoal lining helped any environmentally. And, that bothers me that I’d buy something because it made me feel like I was helping the environment or something when all I did was buy a pair of shoes. and also, most the time when people do that, they don’t know exactly if it truly is, if it looks like it does, people pass it off as so, which I think is wrong. For all I know, the shoes could’ve actually been bad for the environment using charcoal and the gas it has, and the bamboo could’ve been cutting down forests(I looked them up, and the shoes being what they are made of, are better for the feet, and they are environmentally friendly). So, just because they looked like they were good, I bought them thinking me buying the shoes helped anything, and without actually knowing what they did do. I get thet feeling a lot. Like charities asking you for a monthly donation or asking to give money. That is a write-off that is so common in America so you can live your lives and not feel bad about overconsuming or having those unneccessary luxuries that we have. We need to get up and actually donate time and effort, not a write-off.

     Another thing, is that being “green” or adopting that african child like celebrities seem to be doing more and more, shouldn’t be a fad or style. Do it because its right and you believe in the cause, not because it’s “in style”.

The Double-Double

Reflecting about that purchase really got me thinking, as you can see. Well, anyway, after the Vans store, we went to “In n out burger”, because Charlie never been to one before, and if you’re not from California, then you probably never heard of it. “In n out” is alway busy, and only has 3 different burgers on the menu, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, and a double-double(double the meat, double the cheese). Such a simple menu, and you can get a 4×4 burger, and also there’s “animal style” that isn’t on the menu, but you can ask for it and they’ll give it to you. Then they have a regular soda fountain with three types of milk shakes; and they also have fries. Thats the whole menu, and it never gets old to me. Charlie’s lived in California and never been to “in n out’, so I took him, and showed him what it was. The whole time he was so in awe to how simple it was, and its like his new favorite restaurant now. After that we went up to San Jose with new Vans on our feet.

     Up at San Jose, my friend had to cancel on me, and so we drove up to Milpitas, went to the Great Mall, and noticed, it’s just a bigger indoor version of Gilroy’s. So it was a little boring, and we didn’t know what to do, so we just walked for about an hour, then we were just sitting down, deciding on what to do next, and Charlie said he knew someone from Milpitas, who he met on myspace. So I told him he should’ve told me earlier, but he said it slipped his mind, so we went to see his friend, Aileen. So we met her and her cousin, and Charlie, was silent almost the whole, and not to get awkward, i did most the talking, and she didn’t know me, and to be honest, only really wanted to see Charlie. But we went to a mini golfing place close by(mini golfing at 11 pm is the new thing to do) and after, went home. Good day to spend a saturday…

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