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May 24, 2010

My New Blog about Health

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     Since Track Season ended about a month ago, I’ve been really feeling bad. Physically, that is. My body feels weaker, I’ve been sleeping more and still tired and weaker. My muscles feel tired and weak, like muscle fatigue. But I haven’t been to the gym or ran or biked since track season ended.

     I thought it was me out of shape, but today I realized I’ve been skipping breakfast too. And went without my everyday pb&j sandwich.

     But now I’m just going to say it’s a mix between the two. I’ve noticed that when I don’t work out, my body’s overall energy level goes down in the future. I think the effects are starting to kick in.

     So now, starting next week(I wish I could start this second but I can’t. The reason why I haven’t been exercising is because I’ve been busy, and I know I should always be able to make time, but I’ve been putting it off till now. Also, my semester ends this week, so I’ll have time to start fresh), I’ll be in the gym and start my new blog: “A new you in 52″(weeks that is)

     If your thinking “52 is such an obscure number, why that?”. It’s really because it really isn’t that obscure if you take it in context. 52 weeks equals 1 year. So it’s a year of me exercising and trying new things in fitness and diet. I’ll try to do as much as possible.


Fast Food Math

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Well, I Lied.

I said I was going to get on this article really soon a while back, but I didn’t. I said it would be my next article, but it wasn’t. But I now realize I don’t eat at fast food joints as much as I thought I did. So I’m really not as fat as I think.

But just recently I went to a Burger King and a McDonald’s restaurant to get the prices of their basic burgers. Here they are:


Hamburger: .86

Cheeseburger: .97 cents

McDouble: 1.00

Double Cheeseburger: 1.29

Analysis: Well, if you do the math, there is no price system for each individual item that makes up the burger. In each burger compared to another, the price of a slice of cheese or a beef patty change depending on which ones you compare. And it only confuses you more if you try to figure it out

     For example, look at the Double Cheeseburger and the McDouble; difference of one extra piece of cheese and a price difference of 29 cents. Or the Hamburger to Cheeseburger is an 11 cent difference.

     Beef patty-wise, look at the McDouble to Cheeseburger: 3 cent difference for a piece of beef.

There are a lot of ways you can spin the numbers(trust me, I’ve done it and it doesn’t look pretty), but the easiest and most visible way to do it is by its meat and cheese.

Burger King

Hamburger: .99

Cheeseburger: 1.09

Buck Double: 1.00

Double Cheeseburger: 1.29

Analysis: This is even weirder than McDonald’s math. Hamburger(which has one less piece of cheese and beef) is a 1 cent difference in price to the buck double. The Cheeseburger to the buck Double is a strange -9 cent difference. It has less but costs more, and in this case, less is not more(in price it is though). And a piece of Cheese is 29 cent comparing the Buck Double to the Double Cheeseburger.

I could go on, but I don’t want to. I find it extremely odd that the prices are the way they are. I probably sound like a senior citizen counting pennies like a miser and going as far to write a blog article and do research on such a petty thing. I have to admit I do sound a little cheap.

     But I’m not looking at it from a single consumer’s point of view of a point of view defending logic and also from an economical point of view. This bad math is turning a big profit for each little penny that is spent by ignorant consumers. It may not seem like a lot or something that isn’t making an effect, but it is. It’s like water erosion. Each person who opts for the more expensive(yeah, I’m using the word expensive to describe dollar-items) item is likely to end in minor profits thats go a long way.

Even Scrooge, was rich because of his miserly attitude.

     Whoever these economists are that made up the pricing system, must’ve been horrible dart players that had prices on a dart board and each dart was a dollar-item, and they threw blind-folded. I know I really shouldn’t get worked up over this, but it just was funny to me, the prices.

April 19, 2010

The evolution of the “Round Burger”

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     I remember back in the day…(I feel really old saying that, didn’t think I’d say that until a couple more years down the road). Anyway, I remember when Burger buns used to fit with their patties.

     I noticed this first with the quarter pounder. because I remember thinking when I noticed burgers started to shrink, I told myself “The good thing about quarter pounders are they can’t shrink, because the size is in the name itself.” This was under the faulty assumption that fast food restaurants would engineer burgers around the meat. I was wrong.

Burger King's "Ultimate whopper", with it's "Vertical Sides"

     I noticed that the buns were shrinking. This caused a two-pronged effect. It first, helped businesses be cheap in production, skim the edges off of what they were making. But this also created an ingenious marketing strategy. whether it was intentional, I don’t know, but it opened the floodgates for burgers that trick the eyes.

round at the sides

     The burgers look so big when the patties aren’t confined to within the burger. It gives the meat much more mass than it has. And that’s the main selling point, the meat, not the bread. No one ever focuses on the bread. No one ever says “Hey, the bread is looking smaller”. That’s just how it is. If it weren’t for my focus on the quarter-pounder and its stagnant weight, I never would’ve seen this.

A stereotypical Carl's Jr Burger

     Carl’s Jr., actually, I think pioneered this. In all of their non-value burgers, they have this exact formula of a “hulking burger that the bread can’t contain” thing. Which it works well for them, and personally, they have good quality burgers. And the burgers are big too. So I don’t mind Carl’s Jr. doing that, well, because they actually are big. So their deceiving us too, but it’s not like their burgers are small either. Their whole focus on business is to have big burgers, if you’ve ever seen any of their ads.

     I have to be a fan of burger king when it comes to advertising. Their burgers are noticeably “vertical” at the sides. the patties don’t come out from the sides. They didn’t skimp on the buns(just yet, anyway). So I have to give burger king some credit for that. Especially in such a capitalist world too.

Another one of Carl's...

     So my main beef(no pun intended) is with McDonald’s. I have no personal war with McDonald’s. I love capitalism in all its glory. I’m always one for being self-sufficient and if you have a good idea, you should profit from it. But in this particular case, if it deceives, it’s not good, even Carl’s JR. too, but at least they actually make big burgers.

March 23, 2010


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     What I’ve noticed most over the years working out, is that a lot of people have no balance in working out.

    Epecially in the weightroom, I can always tell if they ever have had formal weightroom training or been on a sport’s team before, or if they only go in the weightroom for exercise. Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder, you shouldn’t be in the weightroom lifting only; but you should do cardio. The legs is what gives it away. I have noticed a lot of people in gyms who have big upper odies have really skinny legs. But I have yet to see a buff-legged guy with a skinny upper body. This is because people mainly focus on chest, abs, back and shoulders. All this is in part to a very superficial culture. I could care less what my muscles look like as long as I am healthy, strong and athletic(Which tends to go hand in hand with a healthy-looking body). Also, lack of cardio isn’t that healthy if you spend time only in the weightroom.

     Pure cardio is all you really need for healthy bodies(as far as exercising). Lifting weights is excercise, but its more lop-sided, because it works on muscle strength, and more anaerobic(speed and strength) exercise, while cardio(running) works on aerobic, which promotes a much more active(which leads to healthier) body. For weightlifters, cardio will improve your work in the weightroom too, as well as get you in shape and lose more fat. So if you do want to get strong, add a little cardio in your routine. But if your goal doesn’t include strength, stick to cardio. And if you’re doing it to look better, you either have to be a bodybuilder or you need to re-evaluate your life.

     So workout the legs and balance the body.

     Diet too. I know this is something is overlooked; but it is probably the most important thing to excercise. Food is fuel, if you’re giving it crappy fuel, then the output, in all respects, is going to reflect it. Give good food in good amounts. I personally try to stay as natural as possible (I don’t strictly eat all-natural, and don’t do for only all-natural, but i do like eating it.). If you don’t eat protein, then don;’t expect to gain real muscle, seeing that protein is the building blocks of muscle. that brings up another thing, have a balanced diet.

     So many people focus on one thing or another too much. Real exercise has to do with staying in shape and living healthy and strong. I do that by running, lifting and eating well.

     So, basically, when you work out, balance it out, doing cardio, with weight training. Balance the muscles, don’t focus on one group, focus on the whole body, don’t have skinny legs(when you do work out, focus on one or two muscle groups a day, but overall, balance). don’t work out to look better, its such a terrible reason and only promotes an already superficial society. Diet is very important, thats determines how your body works out and what it produces. So, in the end, be balanced. Oh, and finally, love what you do, that the easiest and most efficient way to work out.

                                               -It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle


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Dieting doesn’t work. Dieting is when you try some new concept of eating to lose weight. They don’t work. For good reason they don’t. Will power is one of them, and when they do, it’s because of pure will power.

     I will use the phrase “My diet” a lot, and it’s not the same thing as dieting in general terms. My diet, isn’t really “dieting”, but it’s just my eating habits, not a specific diet or fad. So don’t get “dieting” and “my diet” confused.

     “Diet”, in general, mean “eating habits”, “dieting”, means trying something to lose weight, and “on a diet”, means that they are currently trying something to lose weight.

     People use diets to lose weight fast, which for one is unhealthy, when went to extreme measures, and two, isn’t quite attainable. Seeing eating and exercising habits, and how people live on a day-to-day basis; I noticed Americans expect everything to be given to them, and that there is an easy painless way out of everything, even if it’s against nature. they think God will give them the perfect body by doing something for a few weeks. And then, if they ever get that, they want it to stay, without staying on the diet.

     Dieting doesn’t work because people have that mindset, and also because they don’t like it. I don’t do “dieting”. But I am in great shape. It’s because i exercise constantly and consistently, and because I eat healthy. I don’t force myself to eat healthy, but I made it a lifestyle. Same thing with exercise, I love working out and running.

     Again, i have to stress this, “dieting’ doesn’t work, healthy lifestyles works. My first college track meet I went to, I had a liter of carrot juice(my favorite drink). It used to taste nasty to me, but I started eating whole raw carrots, and they are now my favorite vegetable. Carrot juice used to be disgusting, but now its my favorite drink. I always take one bottle with me to every track meet. Anyway, I brought it to the track meet and my team looked at it and asked me how I could be drinking that? And I told them because I like it. And after the track meet, we went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, where, for some reason, they were eating all fried and fatty foods with soda and ice cream. I had my steak with pasta and a salad, with my chocolate milk. They again, asked me how I could eat a salad, and they tried to get me to eat what they were. It’s not like I was trying to act better or stop myself from eating bad, it was just that i personally, find it tastes better.

     This is why diets don’t work. We grow up eating these kinds of foods, liking artificial sugars and fried foods better, when there are much more healthier and more natural, unprocessed sugars and fats. That is why the American diet is so bad. We are fed and surrounded by these foods that over the years, our taste buds tell us those are good.

     I’m not saying rebel against corporate America and their ads that get us to eat those kinds of foods. I’m just saying until you change your lifestyle, it will be hard to lose weight, and that is why diets don’t work. I hate to be the one to break the news, but there is no magic pill. It’s a lifestyle, its kind of how you approach life, in a small way.

     I like the foods I eat, And my body thanks me for it. Learn to live healthy. If you lose weight, or get surgery, but don’t change how you eat on a day-to-day basis, you will end up going back to how you were.

                                                    –It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Whole grains craze

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     Whole grains is the “new thing’ when it comes to dieting recently. It’s said to help lose weight. Because of fiber, mainly. In my nutrition class I took last semester, I found out, fiber does nothing to the body, and that fiber is indigestible (That little fact has nothing to do with what I’m writing about, but i thought it was really interesting). But it does help metabolize food and a lot of really good stuff. So it does help the body a lot, but just indirectly.

     Whole grains is the new weight-loss fad and i have to admit, I’m on it too. This is the first weight loss fa that I’ve jumped on. But to me, I’m not treating it like a fad like every other person who wants that miracle cure to drop pounds. I am just incorporating it into my diet; and its fit very well. What this means is I switched all my grains to whole grains(good-bye white-bread). Whole grains is generally non-enriched, or non-bleached grains. That sucks the nutrients out of the grains for one, and makes them weaker altogether. I actually prefer the taste of it anyway, which fits well. And then when choosing a meal, lately I’ve went for the meal that has more whole grains. I’ve been eating cereals like multi-grain Cheerios and chex, which I’ve always eaten but lately have been eating more.

     I feel more balanced diet-wise and I’m liking how my body’s been feeling. Ezekiel 4:9, I think its called is really good. Other grains I like to eat are irish oats, various rices, rice works sweet chili rice chips, and multigrain chips by :Food should taste good”. I really like those, whether the last two things are whole grain, I don’t know. I’ll have to look into that.

     I don’t like fad diets and stay away from them for the reason that they are just fads, but whole grains are a different story for me. As long as it’s not a ‘trend, but a really good idea and I don’t overdo it like I see a lot of people doing, I’ll do it. This is one of those cases, and its a good fit into my diet.

March 19, 2010

What constitutes a burger?

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     I’m doing track for the local college, and I don’t eat fast food during track season(or drink soda). So I have a kind of unofficial ritual of going to eat at a fast food place the day before track officially starts. This was a couple weeks ago, but this track season, I’ve been a little less strict about my diet, but as of today, I’m eating healthy.

     Anyway, when I was in “in n out” last weekend eating a double-double, I was thinking about it, and me and Charlie had a whole conversation about what a burger really is. Is it the meat? or is it the bread?

     With the meat, first off, any sliced meats, don’t count. So arby’s isn’t even close to a burger even though they have burger buns. If its sliced meat, no matter what, it isn’t a burger. So pastrami and salami and roast beef and ham and such, aren’t burgers, only sandwiches. Only things that are “patties” count. So it pretty much leaves chicken and beef patties. Because some people call them chicken sandwiches, but I have heard of them being called “chicken burgers”, which to me doesn’t sound right. And they do look like burgers, but with chicken instead of beef. So I don’t know what to call it, but I’ll probably stick to chicken sandwiches. And then, it got me to think of other burger types, and I couldn’t really think of one, ’til I thought of the soy “meat” burger. It looks like a burger, tastes like a burger(kinda), but does it count? To me, its like margarine and butter. It’s a healthier substitute to butter, is considered “like” butter, but it’s still margarine. I don’t think those are burgers, they are more like pseudo-burgers. (And one thing I did realized after, was that beef patties by themselves are called burger patties, but not chicken)

     Then I thought about the bread types that could be used with a burger. For one,. no matter what, with a burger meat, if there is a sesame seed bun or a regular burger bun, it’s a burger. But what about sandwich bread? When I make burgers at home, for the most part, we don’t have buns, so I always used toasted sandwich bread. This doesn’t feel like a burger to me, but it could easily be argued otherwise. Then, what about others? Like croissants, or sourdough bread. Jack-in-the-box likes using those breads for their sandwiches(or burgers?). “Jack” is one orf my favorite fast food joints(another west U.S.A. place), and their burgers still are burgers to me, but I really don’t think about this on a regular basis(really, I don’t think about random things like this that often).

     And, all burgers are sandwiches no matter what. The etymology of sandwich comes from the “earl of sandwich”, who was a serious gambler, going days without leaving the table, and would have his servants make him food so he wouldn’t have to stop the game, and the sandwich was born, meat in the middle of two slices of bread. Burgers are just a more specific type of sandwich. So, in the end, I’m just going to call them all sandwiches. It’ll make my life much easier. And I’m doing track now, so it’s not like I’m going to any burger joint soon anyway.

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