College Retrospective

June 15, 2010

Lakers/Celtics, Game 5

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I love basketball. I love playing basketball more than football or track. Each sport has its own focus and thing I like about it, but basketball is the best, for many reasons (I’ll write something on the beauty of basketball later). I played power-forward in basketball, and I loved the physics involved in it. If you don’t understand physics, play a big man’s position for a while and you’ll learn, and if you don’t you’ll get tossed around. Anyway, I’m not much of a watcher, or a fan, but I love playing. I do watch, I stay up to date, but I’m a very active person, and live my life actively. So I could never enjoy a game that much watching it.
I watched the game 5 of the Lakers/Celtics game, and it was terrible. I didn’t like it. Players couldn’t keep their cool, and were pushing and shoving way too much. I’m a very physical player, but there were so many intentional fouls (Even though they were called normal fouls, they were obvious), they were just throwing their arms and bodies everywhere. I’ve never seen such terrible defenses. People were getting thrown around like ragdolls and had tempers like that of 5 years olds. It was a terrible display of professional sports.
As far as the game being played, I watched in agony as the Lakers went down, even with Kobe scoring an amazing 19 points in the third quarter alone. And surprisingly, the deficit for the Lakers only grew from halftime to the end of the third. Kobe decided (which I agree with), to take over at the halftime, and they still lost with so many mistakes on defenses. The Celtics did a number on the Lakers. There was no supporting cast for Kobe. And they didn’t step up and take charge. And I’m a Laker fan so that makes me a little frustrated.


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