College Retrospective

May 31, 2010

Youth Group: The Passion

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     This happened a while ago. Maybe two or three months ago. But I had it on my list to blog about, but I never did. Well, Here it is.

     The youth group I work for is for high school students. But if anyone wants to learn about Jesus or hang out, we don’t turn them away. As long as they don’t be a distraction. One of the kids, who actually is a freshman in college, asked me a question when I was driving kids home. it was a rhetorical question, but I still answered it. Because it not only shocked me, but it made me angry. It wasn’t really a crazy question, that’s not why it was shocking, but the ignorance and stupidity of the question. And on top of that, he was saying it rhetorically; like it was a good question to provoke thought.

     The question was “Why would they show “The Passion”(of The Christ) to high schoolers?” What shocked me about the question is the stupidity of it. He went on to explain that it was too graphic and scary..

     The context of this question is: at the youth group earlier the speaker spoke about Jesus’ love and showed clips of the movie. The clips were of Christ’s Crucifixion in the movie. I went on and crucified him with my answers. I hate putting people o\n the spot or attacking anyone’s thinking. But this struck me in its ignorance. He said it was too graphic for a generation that is desensitized to killing and vicious mindless murders in scary movies, that have no other purpose than for entertainment(I’m referring to slasher movies, and scary movies in general), with war all over the news and video games that glorify killing. And he has the audacity and lack of thought to say it’s too graphic? It’s a historical account of something more meaningful than a mindless evil killing, and it’s too graphic for high schoolers? That’s what made me mad.

     The reason why it is such a powerful imagery that is needed to see by christians, is because it only makes my faith grow. In the present, we can not comprehend the pain and emotion by purely words that we read. It was a different culture that we don’t have a complete understanding of their values, naturally, because our values and lifestyles are extremely different. We don’t have anything in our lives that we can compare His life to understand what he went through. So it has less meaning to what it really is since we don’t really understand it. But when we see what it is, by watching The Passion, we get a clear picture of it and it becomes that much more real to us. I have to admit to, that I cannot watch it and not cry. That scene of Christ being crucified is beautiful, and should be watched by all who are mature enough to.


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