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May 31, 2010

The Illegal Immigration Battle

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     The argument of illegal immigration makes me a little mad. Because with Arizona’s new state law, the debate has been re-ignited. Now, all I hear is each side’s argument’s all the time in the news and editorials. I am a Californian, California-grown. And I hear about illegal immigrants a lot.

     One argument I hear all the time is illegal immigrants and their economical footprint. defenders of illegal immigrants claim that they contribute more than they take. That is a flawed argument in many ways to me.

     Just because they contribute more, does it make it alright that they are illegal? If you murdered a very bad person, not because of self-defense or anything, purely because he was bad, does it make it right to murder? If you were poor, does it make it legal to steal? Yes, these are two extremes of the situation, but are just the same situation as illegal immigration. It’s illegal no matter what the situation is. Just because they contribute more, doesn’t make it right.

     And another thing is their rights in America. They get less rights and paid less, treated less than citizens. Anyone living here indefinitely should be treated right. But as long as they are illegal, they can’t and shouldn’t be given rights. So there should never be illegal immigrants in the first place. It would be unfair if they are illegal and given he rights as tax-paying citizens, but at the same time they are being paid meagerly, and treated like lesser people, which also isn’t right. So to solve this paradox, there shouldn’t be illegal citizens in the first place. Businesses should be moral and turn away their work and government must act on their being here.

     If you take an economical argument to the situation, you need also to take a political view, as they go hand in hand. Political meaning the if it’s legal. Because the law and economics should be together. And In legal terms, illegal immigration isn’t right. Businesses are taking advantage of illegals and it lowers the standard of living for illegals. It abuses their illegal status.

     One thing, if history has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t need illegals to work for us, we can adapt. Another argument that stems from the economical contribution argument. It’s that no one wants the jobs they do and that how much they get paid keeps prices low. This is eerily similar to slavery. Thats the same thing they said about abolishing slavery. That will destroy the southerner’s economy. It shook it up after slavery was abolished, almost destroyed it, but we adapted, and everything worked out, and slaves were free. This to me is the same thing as slavery, just not to an extreme and it’s hidden behind politics to make it seem less than it seems.

     I love America. I love people. I don’t have anything against immigrants. My mom immigrated from Japan, legally. I just don’t like it when they are here illegally, and when people are treated unfairly. Just because I think they illegal immigrants should be treated fairly, doesn’t mean I think they should be paid more or get healthcare. in fact, I think the opposite. I think that they should be refused those things since they are illegal. But businesses that are exploiting them treat them unfairly, not the government. I would love for them to work and be treated fairly, but only as them being citizens. If they became citizens then they could complain about their country. But until then, they have no country.

     All this is, is slavery-lite. We need to stop this, and as long as they can get any type of work, they’ll continue to come here illegally. That has to start with businesses running fair and moral practices.


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