College Retrospective

May 30, 2010

I am a comic book collector, officially

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     I can say it officially now, that I am a comic book collector. Before today, I wasn’t a comic book collector. I was simply a comic-phile(I don’t know if that is even a word). I was a person who enjoyed comic books a lot even though I never actually collected them. I know all the histories and backstories and fun facts every comic geek would know.(My favorite superpeople are deadpool, moonknight, Iron Fist and ghost rider, just to let you know). But I never actually bought one myself. I have been for a long while though been reading my comics monthly at my local Border’s store. I never really had a budget to buy them.

     The only comics I had growing up were the funnies. And I didn’t know spiderman and other superheroes had one ever, until a year ago. The only comic books I had growing up were(regretably) stolen by me and a friend from the backyard of a house of someone I didn’t know. That was a long time ago and a different person, however. And a Spiderman vs the Punisher comic my brother had(This was an even longer time ago and looking back, he never had any interest in comic books).  And interest rose in comic books when the psp got a comic book catalog and reader on it. I then bought over 100 of them over time. But I like the paper, and the actual hardcopy with all it brings. That’s basically my whole comic book history of my life.

     I don’t look like a comic book geek whatsoever. I love sports and live a very active lifestyle. My hobbies are working out and exercising. I don’t dress geeky at all, I personally think I have a good sense of style. None of my friends are comic fans and I doubt if they even know who moonknight is. If they knew anything about comic books, it would be from the popular Marvel movies. I have no connections to comic books or the universes that are created from them in my world. To be honest, I wouldn’t be such a fan if it weren’t for the influence that was planted in me and grown by the saturday morning cartoons of spiderman when I was little. I have no reason or incentive to be a superhero fan except for that. No one I know or get along with like comic books. I do the opposite of what the stereotypical comic geek does. This facet of my life goes against the current of everything I know and love. I don’t know why I do, I just do.

     Two days ago I decided to buy a Deadpool and Wolverine comic, but I didn’t have my wallet on me. So the next day I bought them. And I always saw commercials for a local comic book shop and I looked it up and went to it today. I came in to the store, I didn’t know it until 15 minutes later but I came in right before he was going to close up, because it closes at 6. I came at 6:04. Lucky me. It felt like he knew I wasn’t a comic book geek.(Even though I really know my stuff). But it seemed like he could tell that I don’t go to comic book shops. But he kept the store open and didn’t tell me that he was really trying to close up(I didn’t find out until some customers came in 15 minutes later and I heard them say it closes at 6) And a couple customers came in after me too. I spent over 50 dollars on comics that I couldn’t find at Border’s. The comic book shop didn’t have the geeks or anything in it(But it was after closing). I was legitimately scared that comic book geeks in the store would stare at me or make me feel unwanted, like they would be playing their card games, and I would walk in and they would stop their game and everybody would stare at me with their pale frail bodies and thick-framed glasses(Sorry for the stereotype, but that was going through my head, out of all the geeks I know, none fit that description, except for the frail part); Another worry of mine was that the store would look like a geek hangout(which would look foreign to me) and would be confused to where and what everything was. But it was not complex, and like stores are, “customer-friendly”.

     It did however have boxes in the middle of the store on a table with comics packed and organized in them like I always see on the tv show “The big bang theory”. That was really cool for me to see. It was an awesome fist-time experience in a comic book store and I was like a kid in a candy store,. There were so many comics I wanted that I only have seen advertised. But even though it doesn’t seem like it by the amount of money I spent, I actually did have some restraint on my purchases.

     Oh, and I’m strictly a Marvel fan.


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