College Retrospective

May 21, 2010

Update 5/21

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     Since the last update, I had a really random things happen. Nothing too crazy, but to me, a little out of the ordinary.

My brother came into town for two weeks. He told me I worry too much, which I noticed I do. And I get stressed out real easily. I over-analyze and think too much about things. But I think it’s for good. It helps me be organized. Naturally I am not organized. But naturally I worry and that keeps me to stay organized and on top of things(and I also have a blackberry, which makes my life a whole lot easier).

     The year is coming to an end, the weather has been absolutely wonderful despite the last few month’s terrible weather. Summer is really almost here. I need this. I am feeling worn and weary. Jesus is must be really smart and cares a lot, because he knew I would doing what I do, and he knew if this semester were more than two more weeks, I would’ve committed suicide already(just kidding nothing that drastic)

     These events aren’t in chronological order. They are in the order of what I think of.

     My friend Olhom told me something that surprised me. He said he just lost his virginity a few weeks ago to his now-girlfriend Celine. He isn’t someone who I thought would be a virgin, but he was. And he ended up pouring out his life story to me.

     (last week)I saw a girl cry in the library at my school. She was in her mid-30s at least. She was about five to ten feet from me crying and asking her guy friend “why”. I think they were breaking up but she was really upset and he was virtually indifferent, just trying to get her away from him. She came to him happy to begin with, and like half an hour later was crying.

     When at lunch feeding my birds on campus, it’s been a beautiful day(This was yesterday), I saw a man, mid-50s in the face of a younger, bigger guy yelling at him for whatever reason. Strange.

     (a couple days ago)Another friend of mine told me he broke up with his girlfriend, and he is still a virgin(And he would be one of the last people I would think would be one). His girlfriend of a year was practicing abstinence till marriage. He is one of the most genuine people I know and he was really upset about losing his girlfriend. He personally wasn’t abstinence till marriage but he was nice enough to respect her decision. We ended up having a long talk about his life and everything.

     I don’t want to put my friends on the spot or put their lives out there, but its something that was really put on my heart to pray about. For many reasons. It’s strange how at the end of the year I’m seeing so many changes in people and all these random little events happen.

     I was really upset with a lot of people and things, the relationships in my life. But then on monday I skipped the local youth group meeting and went to my church and experienced a revival. It cleared my mind and re-ignited the passion for Him in me. It took my weights I held onto so tight and freed me from them. My worries.

     Well, now I don’t feel worn or weary, I have a brand new energy, I feel recharged and ready to take on the world. I don’t usually pry into people’s lives, especially their personal lives, but God threw it at me and all I could do is be a listening ear to my friends, and I didn’t want to be witness to the old man yelling or the couple breaking up, but it was there.

     I like to observe the little details of the world, or I’d like to think that I do do that. I don’t think I’m nosy but I think I observe well. I don’t gossip, or get involved in other’s people’s lives or talk about other people’s personal lives(except for this post). I let people deal with their own lives. But I will listen to  you and put input when I think it is needed.

     I understand that this post has a lot about other people and their lives and not about me. But as far as I remember about these last couple weeks or days, that is all that stuck out to me to write. Sorry.

     This summer is sorely needed… I love you Jesus.


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