College Retrospective

April 26, 2010

Update 4/26

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     Since my last post, I ran 2 or 3 more track meets, and I pr’d(pr=personal record, the ” ‘d” in pr’d makes it a verb, in track speak) by two seconds in hurdles, each week. that means I pr’d by a total of 4 seconds in the past three weeks, and 6 seconds in the total of four seconds in the four total track meets I’ve run this year. Our conference trials are this Wednesday, and I don’t know how I’ll do. My times aren’t there, my race is so out-of-whack. Sure, I have the ability to run it right, but not enough runs in meets to really get a grip on how I need to run it smoothly. I hope I do good. Pray for me.

     This week hasn’t been so good to me. The weekend picked up though. Saturday, or at least the start, was a continuation of my bad week. I woke up, with terrible bed hair, and if you’ve seen me before, you know I have “white-people” hair. And I’ve been growing it out, not to grow it out, and for style, but because I just didn’t feel like cutting it(And for a couple other reasons too). And My facial hair too. So I looked from all accounts, like a hobo(facially anyway). And this particular morning, after my brother got his car started (because I finally did what I told him to do all along), after a month of trying, he took it. This isn’t a problem outside the fact is that he owes me a good amount of money and he gave me his car for collateral. He doesn’t have a good concept of what collateral is. so my dad got angry with him that the car was out of the driveway, and we went over to his girlfriend’s place, i was going to get the car, my dad was going to have me get my stuff out the car. I don’t know why he chose to tag along since it only takes one person to take stuff out of the car. But since he did, i thought he’d let me take the car. He didn’t. And we argued, and he ran away. I thought i as the teenager. It’s my job to run away, not his, but he did. So I went down to Alvarado street in Monterey, which was really close and where I think my dad would’ve been. So I went looking for him, and today, had an especially large amount of tourists, because the weather was nice and the big sur marathon health expo was in town. So me, who just got out of bed a half hour earlier, without socks wearing presto slipper-shoes. Baggy Jordan shorts with multiple cigarette burns, and a white tee with my hair sticking up everywhere, looked much like a bum. When I went into the tacobell, I cashier seemed surprised to see me pull out my wallet with credit cards in them. So after two hours of looking, I went home to find my dad home, how he made it all the way from Monterey, I do not know.

     So then I got a haircut, shaved my head and lined myself up(yeah, I cut my own hair). I felt pretty good, looked like a new man. And also that night, went to the movies with my friend who found me on Facebook and started talking to me. To be honest, i didn’t really know her, and I particularly wasnt too interested in her from the start from what I knew of her from the few times we’ve talked in the past. She didn’t seem like my type. But after the initial part of the date, where it was kinda awkward and I i couldn’t find something to talk about, we ended up having a really good time, going to a local restaurant and staying there an hour in a half after closing, we were just talking, and found that she was a very interesting person who I wouldn’t mind trying it out, seeing where it’ll go from there.

     But then Sunday came… Sunday was a really good day, but also complicates my life a tad bit. I had to wake up early, like 6, couldn’t go to track practice because I had to help volunteer at a youth group fundraiser. So I was there til 5 in the evening, and then went home only to go out with an on and off friend who we always clicked and really liked, but our lives just pulled us apart. But this time, something just happened. And now, going on two dates with two different people in consecutive days isn’t my style, so now I don’t know what to do. This is going to end badly, i can tell.


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