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April 23, 2010

There is Hope for Time Tebow, and Denver sees it

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     I never really Denver. But I’ll sure be watching every single one of their games this year. They picked up Tim Tebow in the first round of the NFL draft last night when every critic said he’d be picked in the earliest, the third or might not even be picked at all.

     I always never liked how people could criticize Tim Tebow. Sure, his skills don’t fit the current NFL style of play where Quarterbacks don’t go head up with linebackers and even his throwing style where, against faster defensive linemen, will make him fumble a lot. But just because of that, you shouldn’t give up hope on the young Tebow.

     People change. Maybe the game will make Tim change, or he will just learn to play the NFL way. But I really don’t like how critics counted him out just for how he played. Because he could easily learn how to play differently. He’s an athlete, that’s what athletes do. If they’re really good, they will adapt, or they may just change the way the game is played altogether. He has the athletic ability and potential to become great, and not all roads are straight lines, he could change his game’s direction and style to fit in the league, so don’t count him out.

     Also, he may just become one of the greats. Instead of him adapting, Peoples may need to adapt to him. He may be one of the people who defensive schemes are made around, whole new ways of playing are developed. Personally, I don’t know, and it would be a bold statement to say that he’s will improvise on the game.

     All I want to say, is thank you Denver. When a guy is good, he’s good. And Tim Tebow is good, so don’t count him out like every other critic. Thank you Cleveland for believing.


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