College Retrospective

April 21, 2010

Gotta have ’em!

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This is the new slogan for McDonald’s. And no, I don’t have a personal war with Mcdonald’s. They just happen to do something I’m not particularly liking. And I notice them more. They do have more ads than any other fast food chain. I’ve seen this ad on bilboards and every other possible place that there could be ads placed. And I’ve started noticing this new ad campaign probably about a month ago. But about a half hour ago I saw, on my way to school, on of the ads on a bus. And i really looked at it this time and thought about it.

This ad illustrates our culture, in my opinion. And this isn’t the first. There have been ads with this angle for probably the past decade but none are coming to mind and this kinda epitomizes it.

The angle is that this ad blurs the lines between wants and needs. And illustrates our consumerist culture of “I gotta have it” mindset. This mindset is dangerous but is becoming a more and more common theme in the american culture. That we feel the need to want. And that we’ll be happy wanting more and more. And when we get whatever it is we get, that we’ll be happy. But oh how quickly that superficial happiness fades. and we’re left with junk and obesity.

I personally don’t like ads that tell me what I want or need. and they’re out there all the time. And it reflects our culture, sadly. well, that’s all I have to say on this subject.


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