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April 19, 2010

The evolution of the “Round Burger”

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     I remember back in the day…(I feel really old saying that, didn’t think I’d say that until a couple more years down the road). Anyway, I remember when Burger buns used to fit with their patties.

     I noticed this first with the quarter pounder. because I remember thinking when I noticed burgers started to shrink, I told myself “The good thing about quarter pounders are they can’t shrink, because the size is in the name itself.” This was under the faulty assumption that fast food restaurants would engineer burgers around the meat. I was wrong.

Burger King's "Ultimate whopper", with it's "Vertical Sides"

     I noticed that the buns were shrinking. This caused a two-pronged effect. It first, helped businesses be cheap in production, skim the edges off of what they were making. But this also created an ingenious marketing strategy. whether it was intentional, I don’t know, but it opened the floodgates for burgers that trick the eyes.

round at the sides

     The burgers look so big when the patties aren’t confined to within the burger. It gives the meat much more mass than it has. And that’s the main selling point, the meat, not the bread. No one ever focuses on the bread. No one ever says “Hey, the bread is looking smaller”. That’s just how it is. If it weren’t for my focus on the quarter-pounder and its stagnant weight, I never would’ve seen this.

A stereotypical Carl's Jr Burger

     Carl’s Jr., actually, I think pioneered this. In all of their non-value burgers, they have this exact formula of a “hulking burger that the bread can’t contain” thing. Which it works well for them, and personally, they have good quality burgers. And the burgers are big too. So I don’t mind Carl’s Jr. doing that, well, because they actually are big. So their deceiving us too, but it’s not like their burgers are small either. Their whole focus on business is to have big burgers, if you’ve ever seen any of their ads.

     I have to be a fan of burger king when it comes to advertising. Their burgers are noticeably “vertical” at the sides. the patties don’t come out from the sides. They didn’t skimp on the buns(just yet, anyway). So I have to give burger king some credit for that. Especially in such a capitalist world too.

Another one of Carl's...

     So my main beef(no pun intended) is with McDonald’s. I have no personal war with McDonald’s. I love capitalism in all its glory. I’m always one for being self-sufficient and if you have a good idea, you should profit from it. But in this particular case, if it deceives, it’s not good, even Carl’s JR. too, but at least they actually make big burgers.


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