College Retrospective

April 5, 2010

Update: 4/5/2010

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     I got a laptop over spring break. Going to use it for school, getting myself organized, kinda like my blackberry. It’s basically a bigger, better-in-every-way(except portability) version of my blackberry. It’ll help me a lot as long as I don’t spend too much time on the games. It’s a Toshiba. Yes, i am promoting Toshiba. I like it, has everything I need. Not exactly what I wanted, but it does what I want it to. But that’s what happens when you don’t have the proper funds.

     And last week was spring break for me, and I went into spring break telling myself I need to catch up on my math and do some studying for my other classes, a lot of studying. Also, I was going to catch up on some much-needed napping. i didn’t get to either of those. I ended up driving around everywhere looking at laptops and doing a lot of work. And then track and then youth group work. I had a busy break, and all the free time I did have, went to lazier things, like tv and video games.

     My track meet up in the bay area on saturday went as I expected. I false started on my first race of the day. well, I didn’t expect that. This was the first race I false started in my career, and it was embarrassing. I was so pumped and focus. My focus and level of intensity was higher than it has been for a long time. I got in my blocks, only thinking about the hurdles in front of me. And on the set, I twitched, barely noticable, and i knew that would DQ me, but i hoped he didn’t see, and the gun went off a millisecond later and I thought I was good, and halfway to the first hurdle and i heard the second gun go off. I was disqualified.

     Then my second race, I was so nervous and out of it, it was the 400 hurdles, the event I’m better at, but its a hard race to run, and I was psyching myself out, my mind kept jumping from one thing to the next, and I told myself to take it out hard, but instead I started real slow. By the end of the first 300 I had so much energy I sprinted it as if I didn’t just run a 300, and my time was what i expected, since I haven’t ran in a meet in over two months. I wasn’t tired at the end, but i was mad at myself. I didn’t expect any different. I should’ve ran about 5 seconds faster than I did. which in track, 5 seconds is a lot. I feel good about the potential I saw, I just hope I can do it in the future.


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