College Retrospective

March 23, 2010


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     What I’ve noticed most over the years working out, is that a lot of people have no balance in working out.

    Epecially in the weightroom, I can always tell if they ever have had formal weightroom training or been on a sport’s team before, or if they only go in the weightroom for exercise. Unless you’re a professional bodybuilder, you shouldn’t be in the weightroom lifting only; but you should do cardio. The legs is what gives it away. I have noticed a lot of people in gyms who have big upper odies have really skinny legs. But I have yet to see a buff-legged guy with a skinny upper body. This is because people mainly focus on chest, abs, back and shoulders. All this is in part to a very superficial culture. I could care less what my muscles look like as long as I am healthy, strong and athletic(Which tends to go hand in hand with a healthy-looking body). Also, lack of cardio isn’t that healthy if you spend time only in the weightroom.

     Pure cardio is all you really need for healthy bodies(as far as exercising). Lifting weights is excercise, but its more lop-sided, because it works on muscle strength, and more anaerobic(speed and strength) exercise, while cardio(running) works on aerobic, which promotes a much more active(which leads to healthier) body. For weightlifters, cardio will improve your work in the weightroom too, as well as get you in shape and lose more fat. So if you do want to get strong, add a little cardio in your routine. But if your goal doesn’t include strength, stick to cardio. And if you’re doing it to look better, you either have to be a bodybuilder or you need to re-evaluate your life.

     So workout the legs and balance the body.

     Diet too. I know this is something is overlooked; but it is probably the most important thing to excercise. Food is fuel, if you’re giving it crappy fuel, then the output, in all respects, is going to reflect it. Give good food in good amounts. I personally try to stay as natural as possible (I don’t strictly eat all-natural, and don’t do for only all-natural, but i do like eating it.). If you don’t eat protein, then don;’t expect to gain real muscle, seeing that protein is the building blocks of muscle. that brings up another thing, have a balanced diet.

     So many people focus on one thing or another too much. Real exercise has to do with staying in shape and living healthy and strong. I do that by running, lifting and eating well.

     So, basically, when you work out, balance it out, doing cardio, with weight training. Balance the muscles, don’t focus on one group, focus on the whole body, don’t have skinny legs(when you do work out, focus on one or two muscle groups a day, but overall, balance). don’t work out to look better, its such a terrible reason and only promotes an already superficial society. Diet is very important, thats determines how your body works out and what it produces. So, in the end, be balanced. Oh, and finally, love what you do, that the easiest and most efficient way to work out.

                                               -It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle


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