College Retrospective

March 23, 2010


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Dieting doesn’t work. Dieting is when you try some new concept of eating to lose weight. They don’t work. For good reason they don’t. Will power is one of them, and when they do, it’s because of pure will power.

     I will use the phrase “My diet” a lot, and it’s not the same thing as dieting in general terms. My diet, isn’t really “dieting”, but it’s just my eating habits, not a specific diet or fad. So don’t get “dieting” and “my diet” confused.

     “Diet”, in general, mean “eating habits”, “dieting”, means trying something to lose weight, and “on a diet”, means that they are currently trying something to lose weight.

     People use diets to lose weight fast, which for one is unhealthy, when went to extreme measures, and two, isn’t quite attainable. Seeing eating and exercising habits, and how people live on a day-to-day basis; I noticed Americans expect everything to be given to them, and that there is an easy painless way out of everything, even if it’s against nature. they think God will give them the perfect body by doing something for a few weeks. And then, if they ever get that, they want it to stay, without staying on the diet.

     Dieting doesn’t work because people have that mindset, and also because they don’t like it. I don’t do “dieting”. But I am in great shape. It’s because i exercise constantly and consistently, and because I eat healthy. I don’t force myself to eat healthy, but I made it a lifestyle. Same thing with exercise, I love working out and running.

     Again, i have to stress this, “dieting’ doesn’t work, healthy lifestyles works. My first college track meet I went to, I had a liter of carrot juice(my favorite drink). It used to taste nasty to me, but I started eating whole raw carrots, and they are now my favorite vegetable. Carrot juice used to be disgusting, but now its my favorite drink. I always take one bottle with me to every track meet. Anyway, I brought it to the track meet and my team looked at it and asked me how I could be drinking that? And I told them because I like it. And after the track meet, we went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, where, for some reason, they were eating all fried and fatty foods with soda and ice cream. I had my steak with pasta and a salad, with my chocolate milk. They again, asked me how I could eat a salad, and they tried to get me to eat what they were. It’s not like I was trying to act better or stop myself from eating bad, it was just that i personally, find it tastes better.

     This is why diets don’t work. We grow up eating these kinds of foods, liking artificial sugars and fried foods better, when there are much more healthier and more natural, unprocessed sugars and fats. That is why the American diet is so bad. We are fed and surrounded by these foods that over the years, our taste buds tell us those are good.

     I’m not saying rebel against corporate America and their ads that get us to eat those kinds of foods. I’m just saying until you change your lifestyle, it will be hard to lose weight, and that is why diets don’t work. I hate to be the one to break the news, but there is no magic pill. It’s a lifestyle, its kind of how you approach life, in a small way.

     I like the foods I eat, And my body thanks me for it. Learn to live healthy. If you lose weight, or get surgery, but don’t change how you eat on a day-to-day basis, you will end up going back to how you were.

                                                    –It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle


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