College Retrospective

March 21, 2010

Update: 3/22/10

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     Got my first paycheck of 131.75 dollars. Very easy job. But my boss only gives me about 1 day per month of work. He’s a workaholic and he doesn’t let me work often.

      My brother Jay came back from Texas, where he was living with his friend, and being his personal trainer came back home about a week ago. His friend Tim got signed with a semi-pro athletic team in Cali, so he came back here, and now he got his old job back(which is my new job), so I think I’m fired…

    Last Friday I got left while my team went up to a track meet near the bay area. The coaches don’t like me and I’m getting fed up with the track team. So I went to my old high school to practice with them, which I actually prefer. I wanted to go to the beach, I should’ve went to the beach instead of track practice. It was a beautiful day.

     Spring break is coming. My brother who’s going to school on the other side of the country went to Florida, and his spring break was I think two weeks ago, and he asked me to go, but for obvious reasons, didn’t; and also I don’t have that kind of money. One more week till spring break, and for mine, I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Really good way to spend my spring break. I’ll probably be at the beach everyday after I recover. Then also I want to go paintballing again, maybe then. I need a break at this point in my life.


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