College Retrospective

March 21, 2010

My new Favorite Pastimes

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     Yesterday, I went paintballing(Is that the right term, paintballing? It doesn’t sound right to me, maybe its just me) with the local youth group I volunteer for. And I have to say its one of my favorite things to do now. I only been once before and got kicked out of that one(It’s a long story), and I still had fun. And when I got the chance to set up one, I jumped at it. And on three day’s notice, I got 5 other guys from the youth group to come. I think I did good organizing it on such short notice. We went to Hollister, and that morning ran into way too many problems, but we got there over an hour past the time I planned to get there. But it still worked out really well. I felt like a pro, I played more games too than the rest of everyone else, that was in part to me not being so trigger-happy.; and I think I did good. Especially at the end of the day I was doing good. One game of 3v3, in a city-type field, I got the whole team. And when me and Charlie were on the same team, we did magic with the communication skills, flanking and covering each other; Thats what we get for playing “Modern Warfare” so much. My favorite type of game is shooting games, and I just applied the same play philosophy to paintballing, and it came natural to me. I got shot in the face more than anywhere else. And I was a bit ruthless shooting a couple people up close with my sneaking skills. But the day was good. And in the hot sun I was drained of energy driving back. This made me consider joining the army(But I really doubt if I’d ever). I played 1v1 too. Those games were fun too. Such a memorable weekend, I’m planning to set up another one real soon.

     Also, another one of my new favorite things to do is snowboarding. The first time I ever went i just fell in love with it, picking it up real fast, and not being scared to just do it. I have been snowboarding only twice, and the same with paintballing. I plan to make it a consistent hobby in the future. I need to do them more often.


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