College Retrospective

March 18, 2010

My Bamboo Vans and Shopping

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PERSONAL NOTE:I personally don’t like the current guy’s style here of skinny colored jeans with vans, but I do own two pairs of Vans.

     Last weekend when I went to visit a friend up in San Jose, I stopped by the Gilroy outlet mall on the way up. Went to the Nike Store, and saw a couple pair of Jordans for really cheap prices; one in particular were and only 41.99. I was going to get them, and my style likes basketball shoes more. I said I’d wait ’til after me and my friend Charlie went to the other stores. He likes skater clothes and such, and he never been to the Vans store up there, so we looked around and went. Vans look alright, and they serve their purpose of a more casual shoe, I have one pair, and they were my first pair of Vans too. They were from a Pendletons down in Monterey.

The Flannel Vans

      The Pendleton Vans, they were the last pair the store would ever sell, and I wanted the blue flannel design, but got the green flannel ones, didn’t really have a choice. It was good, and I ended up finding a shirt to match at Kohl’s. Pendleton’s has really nice clothes too, but not really my style.

     Anyway, we went to the Vans store and I browsed around. I like Vans, but they’re not my favorite shoes. I was set on getting the Jordans. But then, I saw a pair i just had to get; They were Bamboo and charcoal lining Vans.

My Bamboo Vans

The way it looked, the style it brought with the beige color and the black checkers and the bamboo sewn at the foundation of it; it just looked good to me, and I got it.

     Why I bought it is because it looked good, and that’s partly because it is a subconscious feeling that I’m doing something good because its “all-natural” tinge to it and such. But, I had no clue if it really was environmentally friendly. I had no clue what charcoal-lining was and how and if bamboo and the charcoal lining helped any environmentally. And, that bothers me that I’d buy something because it made me feel like I was helping the environment or something when all I did was buy a pair of shoes. and also, most the time when people do that, they don’t know exactly if it truly is, if it looks like it does, people pass it off as so, which I think is wrong. For all I know, the shoes could’ve actually been bad for the environment using charcoal and the gas it has, and the bamboo could’ve been cutting down forests(I looked them up, and the shoes being what they are made of, are better for the feet, and they are environmentally friendly). So, just because they looked like they were good, I bought them thinking me buying the shoes helped anything, and without actually knowing what they did do. I get thet feeling a lot. Like charities asking you for a monthly donation or asking to give money. That is a write-off that is so common in America so you can live your lives and not feel bad about overconsuming or having those unneccessary luxuries that we have. We need to get up and actually donate time and effort, not a write-off.

     Another thing, is that being “green” or adopting that african child like celebrities seem to be doing more and more, shouldn’t be a fad or style. Do it because its right and you believe in the cause, not because it’s “in style”.

The Double-Double

Reflecting about that purchase really got me thinking, as you can see. Well, anyway, after the Vans store, we went to “In n out burger”, because Charlie never been to one before, and if you’re not from California, then you probably never heard of it. “In n out” is alway busy, and only has 3 different burgers on the menu, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, and a double-double(double the meat, double the cheese). Such a simple menu, and you can get a 4×4 burger, and also there’s “animal style” that isn’t on the menu, but you can ask for it and they’ll give it to you. Then they have a regular soda fountain with three types of milk shakes; and they also have fries. Thats the whole menu, and it never gets old to me. Charlie’s lived in California and never been to “in n out’, so I took him, and showed him what it was. The whole time he was so in awe to how simple it was, and its like his new favorite restaurant now. After that we went up to San Jose with new Vans on our feet.

     Up at San Jose, my friend had to cancel on me, and so we drove up to Milpitas, went to the Great Mall, and noticed, it’s just a bigger indoor version of Gilroy’s. So it was a little boring, and we didn’t know what to do, so we just walked for about an hour, then we were just sitting down, deciding on what to do next, and Charlie said he knew someone from Milpitas, who he met on myspace. So I told him he should’ve told me earlier, but he said it slipped his mind, so we went to see his friend, Aileen. So we met her and her cousin, and Charlie, was silent almost the whole, and not to get awkward, i did most the talking, and she didn’t know me, and to be honest, only really wanted to see Charlie. But we went to a mini golfing place close by(mini golfing at 11 pm is the new thing to do) and after, went home. Good day to spend a saturday…


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