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June 15, 2010

Lakers/Celtics, Game 5

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I love basketball. I love playing basketball more than football or track. Each sport has its own focus and thing I like about it, but basketball is the best, for many reasons (I’ll write something on the beauty of basketball later). I played power-forward in basketball, and I loved the physics involved in it. If you don’t understand physics, play a big man’s position for a while and you’ll learn, and if you don’t you’ll get tossed around. Anyway, I’m not much of a watcher, or a fan, but I love playing. I do watch, I stay up to date, but I’m a very active person, and live my life actively. So I could never enjoy a game that much watching it.
I watched the game 5 of the Lakers/Celtics game, and it was terrible. I didn’t like it. Players couldn’t keep their cool, and were pushing and shoving way too much. I’m a very physical player, but there were so many intentional fouls (Even though they were called normal fouls, they were obvious), they were just throwing their arms and bodies everywhere. I’ve never seen such terrible defenses. People were getting thrown around like ragdolls and had tempers like that of 5 years olds. It was a terrible display of professional sports.
As far as the game being played, I watched in agony as the Lakers went down, even with Kobe scoring an amazing 19 points in the third quarter alone. And surprisingly, the deficit for the Lakers only grew from halftime to the end of the third. Kobe decided (which I agree with), to take over at the halftime, and they still lost with so many mistakes on defenses. The Celtics did a number on the Lakers. There was no supporting cast for Kobe. And they didn’t step up and take charge. And I’m a Laker fan so that makes me a little frustrated.


Stupid Commercials

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I’m done with Television. I can’t stand a lot about it. But advertisers, I really don’t like. They have stopped advertising products. They advertise lifestyles and fantasies; most of which has nothing to do with the product. A commercial I see a lot is a totino’s pizza rolls commercial. Aimed at little kids, teenagers too I guess. But it starts out with kids having a water fight and saying their favorite things of summer. “Having fun”, wearing our “favorite colors”(This color one is a stupid line), and then “Jamming to our favorite bands”. Then is goes “And Totino’s!” They eat and run around, promoting physical activity while advertising a not so healthy product. Then it continues, with a skateboarder(I forget what exactly he likes, then a girl underwater “Friends”(saying what she likes), and then a kid says “But most of all, Totino’s!”. The commercial is basically saying some tiny pizza roll is better than everything, friends, family, fun, etc. And it’s promoting a lifestyle like “Hey, if you eat Totimo’s you’ll have friends and be cool too, and you’ll automatically have a life.” It’s stupid how advertisers get us. Commercials like this sadly work too. I saw a commercial based just of blurry lights on a dark background. Just lights, then at the end, showed a car. I would go into what the appeals to the commercial is and so forth, but that would be an essay. I was purely using that as an example. Goodbye for now.

The U.S. Open

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I’m going to the U.S. Open tomorrow. Well, technically its not the actual thing. It’s only a practice round; for 45 dollars, too. I couldn’t get any tickets for the rounds. So I settled for less. But really, its like seeing the Lakers and Celtics warm up and pay only for that. I get to go to Pebble Beach see such a beautiful piece of nature flow with man’s engineering in such an amazing way. I get to see fancy people walk a fancy lawn hitting a rock with a stick across it. Golf’s a wonderful thing. But, the terrible thing is, no cellphones allowed! My blackberry, the thing that keeps me so organized and connected, its like an even more portable laptop to me. That’s always on hand wherever I go. I love it. And they’re not allowed.
But really, maybe this is what I need. I’ve been really busy lately and I need a vacation. I have been too connected. This little “vacation” of mine will help me unwind; stop worrying about my life for a day. I need this. I need to stop checking my phone constantly. Being away from my phone for a day will help me to relax for once. I need to see what around me instead of what’s going on wherever else. It’s a much needed vacation.

The Sad Truth of Sports, Part 1

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Competitions are kinda depressing, I’ve realized. Because no matter what, one nation of fans is going to be let down. Fans, who have nothing to do with the team except that they support and buy team’s products; They have nothing to do with the team’s production, training, and have no say in what goes on with decisions. They are not stockholders, but they invest so much of themselves into a team, to see victory, to give them hope. But in the end, a whole nation of fans who’ve invested so much into the team, will be let down. And there’s no avoiding it. One team will win, and one team will lose, no matter what. I’m not the “Fan” type, really, I’m usually the person on the team. But I can deal with loss, because know I left everything on the field, court, or track. I know I trained as hard as I could and planned and mentally prepared, I devote myself to the sport and I still fail; that’s how life is. I love when I see myself do something that I didn’t know I had. It shows me more potential. I love it. I love playing the game, I get mad at losses, but I don’t hold on to it. I’ve noticed fans do, And more than that, they criticize so much, when they’re not in the game. People who simply watch, and take it for face value or what the see it as, when they’re not in the weightroom or the gym when it matters. That’s probably why I don’t watch games so much or invest myself in the careers of others.

May 31, 2010

The Illegal Immigration Battle

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     The argument of illegal immigration makes me a little mad. Because with Arizona’s new state law, the debate has been re-ignited. Now, all I hear is each side’s argument’s all the time in the news and editorials. I am a Californian, California-grown. And I hear about illegal immigrants a lot.

     One argument I hear all the time is illegal immigrants and their economical footprint. defenders of illegal immigrants claim that they contribute more than they take. That is a flawed argument in many ways to me.

     Just because they contribute more, does it make it alright that they are illegal? If you murdered a very bad person, not because of self-defense or anything, purely because he was bad, does it make it right to murder? If you were poor, does it make it legal to steal? Yes, these are two extremes of the situation, but are just the same situation as illegal immigration. It’s illegal no matter what the situation is. Just because they contribute more, doesn’t make it right.

     And another thing is their rights in America. They get less rights and paid less, treated less than citizens. Anyone living here indefinitely should be treated right. But as long as they are illegal, they can’t and shouldn’t be given rights. So there should never be illegal immigrants in the first place. It would be unfair if they are illegal and given he rights as tax-paying citizens, but at the same time they are being paid meagerly, and treated like lesser people, which also isn’t right. So to solve this paradox, there shouldn’t be illegal citizens in the first place. Businesses should be moral and turn away their work and government must act on their being here.

     If you take an economical argument to the situation, you need also to take a political view, as they go hand in hand. Political meaning the if it’s legal. Because the law and economics should be together. And In legal terms, illegal immigration isn’t right. Businesses are taking advantage of illegals and it lowers the standard of living for illegals. It abuses their illegal status.

     One thing, if history has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t need illegals to work for us, we can adapt. Another argument that stems from the economical contribution argument. It’s that no one wants the jobs they do and that how much they get paid keeps prices low. This is eerily similar to slavery. Thats the same thing they said about abolishing slavery. That will destroy the southerner’s economy. It shook it up after slavery was abolished, almost destroyed it, but we adapted, and everything worked out, and slaves were free. This to me is the same thing as slavery, just not to an extreme and it’s hidden behind politics to make it seem less than it seems.

     I love America. I love people. I don’t have anything against immigrants. My mom immigrated from Japan, legally. I just don’t like it when they are here illegally, and when people are treated unfairly. Just because I think they illegal immigrants should be treated fairly, doesn’t mean I think they should be paid more or get healthcare. in fact, I think the opposite. I think that they should be refused those things since they are illegal. But businesses that are exploiting them treat them unfairly, not the government. I would love for them to work and be treated fairly, but only as them being citizens. If they became citizens then they could complain about their country. But until then, they have no country.

     All this is, is slavery-lite. We need to stop this, and as long as they can get any type of work, they’ll continue to come here illegally. That has to start with businesses running fair and moral practices.

Youth Group: The Passion

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     This happened a while ago. Maybe two or three months ago. But I had it on my list to blog about, but I never did. Well, Here it is.

     The youth group I work for is for high school students. But if anyone wants to learn about Jesus or hang out, we don’t turn them away. As long as they don’t be a distraction. One of the kids, who actually is a freshman in college, asked me a question when I was driving kids home. it was a rhetorical question, but I still answered it. Because it not only shocked me, but it made me angry. It wasn’t really a crazy question, that’s not why it was shocking, but the ignorance and stupidity of the question. And on top of that, he was saying it rhetorically; like it was a good question to provoke thought.

     The question was “Why would they show “The Passion”(of The Christ) to high schoolers?” What shocked me about the question is the stupidity of it. He went on to explain that it was too graphic and scary..

     The context of this question is: at the youth group earlier the speaker spoke about Jesus’ love and showed clips of the movie. The clips were of Christ’s Crucifixion in the movie. I went on and crucified him with my answers. I hate putting people o\n the spot or attacking anyone’s thinking. But this struck me in its ignorance. He said it was too graphic for a generation that is desensitized to killing and vicious mindless murders in scary movies, that have no other purpose than for entertainment(I’m referring to slasher movies, and scary movies in general), with war all over the news and video games that glorify killing. And he has the audacity and lack of thought to say it’s too graphic? It’s a historical account of something more meaningful than a mindless evil killing, and it’s too graphic for high schoolers? That’s what made me mad.

     The reason why it is such a powerful imagery that is needed to see by christians, is because it only makes my faith grow. In the present, we can not comprehend the pain and emotion by purely words that we read. It was a different culture that we don’t have a complete understanding of their values, naturally, because our values and lifestyles are extremely different. We don’t have anything in our lives that we can compare His life to understand what he went through. So it has less meaning to what it really is since we don’t really understand it. But when we see what it is, by watching The Passion, we get a clear picture of it and it becomes that much more real to us. I have to admit to, that I cannot watch it and not cry. That scene of Christ being crucified is beautiful, and should be watched by all who are mature enough to.

May 30, 2010

I am a comic book collector, officially

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     I can say it officially now, that I am a comic book collector. Before today, I wasn’t a comic book collector. I was simply a comic-phile(I don’t know if that is even a word). I was a person who enjoyed comic books a lot even though I never actually collected them. I know all the histories and backstories and fun facts every comic geek would know.(My favorite superpeople are deadpool, moonknight, Iron Fist and ghost rider, just to let you know). But I never actually bought one myself. I have been for a long while though been reading my comics monthly at my local Border’s store. I never really had a budget to buy them.

     The only comics I had growing up were the funnies. And I didn’t know spiderman and other superheroes had one ever, until a year ago. The only comic books I had growing up were(regretably) stolen by me and a friend from the backyard of a house of someone I didn’t know. That was a long time ago and a different person, however. And a Spiderman vs the Punisher comic my brother had(This was an even longer time ago and looking back, he never had any interest in comic books).  And interest rose in comic books when the psp got a comic book catalog and reader on it. I then bought over 100 of them over time. But I like the paper, and the actual hardcopy with all it brings. That’s basically my whole comic book history of my life.

     I don’t look like a comic book geek whatsoever. I love sports and live a very active lifestyle. My hobbies are working out and exercising. I don’t dress geeky at all, I personally think I have a good sense of style. None of my friends are comic fans and I doubt if they even know who moonknight is. If they knew anything about comic books, it would be from the popular Marvel movies. I have no connections to comic books or the universes that are created from them in my world. To be honest, I wouldn’t be such a fan if it weren’t for the influence that was planted in me and grown by the saturday morning cartoons of spiderman when I was little. I have no reason or incentive to be a superhero fan except for that. No one I know or get along with like comic books. I do the opposite of what the stereotypical comic geek does. This facet of my life goes against the current of everything I know and love. I don’t know why I do, I just do.

     Two days ago I decided to buy a Deadpool and Wolverine comic, but I didn’t have my wallet on me. So the next day I bought them. And I always saw commercials for a local comic book shop and I looked it up and went to it today. I came in to the store, I didn’t know it until 15 minutes later but I came in right before he was going to close up, because it closes at 6. I came at 6:04. Lucky me. It felt like he knew I wasn’t a comic book geek.(Even though I really know my stuff). But it seemed like he could tell that I don’t go to comic book shops. But he kept the store open and didn’t tell me that he was really trying to close up(I didn’t find out until some customers came in 15 minutes later and I heard them say it closes at 6) And a couple customers came in after me too. I spent over 50 dollars on comics that I couldn’t find at Border’s. The comic book shop didn’t have the geeks or anything in it(But it was after closing). I was legitimately scared that comic book geeks in the store would stare at me or make me feel unwanted, like they would be playing their card games, and I would walk in and they would stop their game and everybody would stare at me with their pale frail bodies and thick-framed glasses(Sorry for the stereotype, but that was going through my head, out of all the geeks I know, none fit that description, except for the frail part); Another worry of mine was that the store would look like a geek hangout(which would look foreign to me) and would be confused to where and what everything was. But it was not complex, and like stores are, “customer-friendly”.

     It did however have boxes in the middle of the store on a table with comics packed and organized in them like I always see on the tv show “The big bang theory”. That was really cool for me to see. It was an awesome fist-time experience in a comic book store and I was like a kid in a candy store,. There were so many comics I wanted that I only have seen advertised. But even though it doesn’t seem like it by the amount of money I spent, I actually did have some restraint on my purchases.

     Oh, and I’m strictly a Marvel fan.

May 24, 2010

My New Blog about Health

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     Since Track Season ended about a month ago, I’ve been really feeling bad. Physically, that is. My body feels weaker, I’ve been sleeping more and still tired and weaker. My muscles feel tired and weak, like muscle fatigue. But I haven’t been to the gym or ran or biked since track season ended.

     I thought it was me out of shape, but today I realized I’ve been skipping breakfast too. And went without my everyday pb&j sandwich.

     But now I’m just going to say it’s a mix between the two. I’ve noticed that when I don’t work out, my body’s overall energy level goes down in the future. I think the effects are starting to kick in.

     So now, starting next week(I wish I could start this second but I can’t. The reason why I haven’t been exercising is because I’ve been busy, and I know I should always be able to make time, but I’ve been putting it off till now. Also, my semester ends this week, so I’ll have time to start fresh), I’ll be in the gym and start my new blog: “A new you in 52″(weeks that is)

     If your thinking “52 is such an obscure number, why that?”. It’s really because it really isn’t that obscure if you take it in context. 52 weeks equals 1 year. So it’s a year of me exercising and trying new things in fitness and diet. I’ll try to do as much as possible.

Fast Food Math

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Well, I Lied.

I said I was going to get on this article really soon a while back, but I didn’t. I said it would be my next article, but it wasn’t. But I now realize I don’t eat at fast food joints as much as I thought I did. So I’m really not as fat as I think.

But just recently I went to a Burger King and a McDonald’s restaurant to get the prices of their basic burgers. Here they are:


Hamburger: .86

Cheeseburger: .97 cents

McDouble: 1.00

Double Cheeseburger: 1.29

Analysis: Well, if you do the math, there is no price system for each individual item that makes up the burger. In each burger compared to another, the price of a slice of cheese or a beef patty change depending on which ones you compare. And it only confuses you more if you try to figure it out

     For example, look at the Double Cheeseburger and the McDouble; difference of one extra piece of cheese and a price difference of 29 cents. Or the Hamburger to Cheeseburger is an 11 cent difference.

     Beef patty-wise, look at the McDouble to Cheeseburger: 3 cent difference for a piece of beef.

There are a lot of ways you can spin the numbers(trust me, I’ve done it and it doesn’t look pretty), but the easiest and most visible way to do it is by its meat and cheese.

Burger King

Hamburger: .99

Cheeseburger: 1.09

Buck Double: 1.00

Double Cheeseburger: 1.29

Analysis: This is even weirder than McDonald’s math. Hamburger(which has one less piece of cheese and beef) is a 1 cent difference in price to the buck double. The Cheeseburger to the buck Double is a strange -9 cent difference. It has less but costs more, and in this case, less is not more(in price it is though). And a piece of Cheese is 29 cent comparing the Buck Double to the Double Cheeseburger.

I could go on, but I don’t want to. I find it extremely odd that the prices are the way they are. I probably sound like a senior citizen counting pennies like a miser and going as far to write a blog article and do research on such a petty thing. I have to admit I do sound a little cheap.

     But I’m not looking at it from a single consumer’s point of view of a point of view defending logic and also from an economical point of view. This bad math is turning a big profit for each little penny that is spent by ignorant consumers. It may not seem like a lot or something that isn’t making an effect, but it is. It’s like water erosion. Each person who opts for the more expensive(yeah, I’m using the word expensive to describe dollar-items) item is likely to end in minor profits thats go a long way.

Even Scrooge, was rich because of his miserly attitude.

     Whoever these economists are that made up the pricing system, must’ve been horrible dart players that had prices on a dart board and each dart was a dollar-item, and they threw blind-folded. I know I really shouldn’t get worked up over this, but it just was funny to me, the prices.

May 21, 2010

Update 5/21

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     Since the last update, I had a really random things happen. Nothing too crazy, but to me, a little out of the ordinary.

My brother came into town for two weeks. He told me I worry too much, which I noticed I do. And I get stressed out real easily. I over-analyze and think too much about things. But I think it’s for good. It helps me be organized. Naturally I am not organized. But naturally I worry and that keeps me to stay organized and on top of things(and I also have a blackberry, which makes my life a whole lot easier).

     The year is coming to an end, the weather has been absolutely wonderful despite the last few month’s terrible weather. Summer is really almost here. I need this. I am feeling worn and weary. Jesus is must be really smart and cares a lot, because he knew I would doing what I do, and he knew if this semester were more than two more weeks, I would’ve committed suicide already(just kidding nothing that drastic)

     These events aren’t in chronological order. They are in the order of what I think of.

     My friend Olhom told me something that surprised me. He said he just lost his virginity a few weeks ago to his now-girlfriend Celine. He isn’t someone who I thought would be a virgin, but he was. And he ended up pouring out his life story to me.

     (last week)I saw a girl cry in the library at my school. She was in her mid-30s at least. She was about five to ten feet from me crying and asking her guy friend “why”. I think they were breaking up but she was really upset and he was virtually indifferent, just trying to get her away from him. She came to him happy to begin with, and like half an hour later was crying.

     When at lunch feeding my birds on campus, it’s been a beautiful day(This was yesterday), I saw a man, mid-50s in the face of a younger, bigger guy yelling at him for whatever reason. Strange.

     (a couple days ago)Another friend of mine told me he broke up with his girlfriend, and he is still a virgin(And he would be one of the last people I would think would be one). His girlfriend of a year was practicing abstinence till marriage. He is one of the most genuine people I know and he was really upset about losing his girlfriend. He personally wasn’t abstinence till marriage but he was nice enough to respect her decision. We ended up having a long talk about his life and everything.

     I don’t want to put my friends on the spot or put their lives out there, but its something that was really put on my heart to pray about. For many reasons. It’s strange how at the end of the year I’m seeing so many changes in people and all these random little events happen.

     I was really upset with a lot of people and things, the relationships in my life. But then on monday I skipped the local youth group meeting and went to my church and experienced a revival. It cleared my mind and re-ignited the passion for Him in me. It took my weights I held onto so tight and freed me from them. My worries.

     Well, now I don’t feel worn or weary, I have a brand new energy, I feel recharged and ready to take on the world. I don’t usually pry into people’s lives, especially their personal lives, but God threw it at me and all I could do is be a listening ear to my friends, and I didn’t want to be witness to the old man yelling or the couple breaking up, but it was there.

     I like to observe the little details of the world, or I’d like to think that I do do that. I don’t think I’m nosy but I think I observe well. I don’t gossip, or get involved in other’s people’s lives or talk about other people’s personal lives(except for this post). I let people deal with their own lives. But I will listen to  you and put input when I think it is needed.

     I understand that this post has a lot about other people and their lives and not about me. But as far as I remember about these last couple weeks or days, that is all that stuck out to me to write. Sorry.

     This summer is sorely needed… I love you Jesus.

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